These Camper Vans Turned Rentals Offer an Upgraded Outdoor Experience


Want to go camping, but don’t want all the work that comes with it? In this outdoor tourist spot, you can relax and get all the fun without the hassle of camping.

Camp Stone Hill is an attraction at the heart of lush hiking trails and panoramic views in Baras, Rizal.

This unique rental primarily offers fully furnished trailer camper vans, which come in three different sizes – 4 square meters, 5 square meters, and 7.5 square meters.

All vans, (yes, even the smallest one, the 4-sqm van) can comfortably sleep two people inside. Each has indoor toilets and baths, too!

"Traditionally, people would enjoy the outdoors being in a tent, but a tent cannot provide you all the comforts that a camper van can offer,” says Camp Stone Hill’s Cedric Tan Sycip.

Each van has a kitchen equipped with a griller and a refrigerator and other amenities needed for cooking and food preparation. There is also a small nook for making coffee and cooking rice or anything light. “There’s nothing they need to bring. They only need to bring their food.”

This recreational haven is a quick getaway, just 40 kilometers away from Metro Manila. But apart from its proximity, Cedric says the location was chosen for the space and the view.

“We chose this location mainly for the panoramic view, all the lush vegetation all around. The wide space that we have here, plus the forest in the outer peripheries… When you’re out here, you feel like you’re in some far-flung provinces enjoying nature as it is.”


And you can take in all the view at the roof deck, a feature that is not common to most camper vans, according to Cedric.

“The best place to be is at the roof deck. That is where you can really look up to the sky, see everything all around, and enjoy the company of friends with you,” he says.

Camp Stone Hills’ camper vans are all made of metal to ensure that it’s durable. With this, you’re safety while inside this unique dwelling is guaranteed, especially in a place like the Philippines where the weather can be unpredictable.

“Even if metal is more expensive, we chose to use a more durable material to offer a safe dwelling.”

Apart from these interesting dwelling spaces, Camp Stone Hill also leases ATVs and UTVs for the full one with the nature experience. “The only way you can really explore nature, aside from living by nature, is to be on an ATV or UTV, where it provides you a different kind of fun.”

Booking one of their camper vans can set you back between Php5,000 to Php6,000 a night, depending on the size. Not bad for a rental that also doubles as a unique experience in itself!

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