Why Discovery Shores Boracay Is the Perfect Setting for a Wellness Retreat


When it comes to island escapes from everyday life, Boracay is the first thing that comes to mind. For anyone looking to get a good dose of the island's beautiful pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Discovery Shores Boracay, located on the finest part of White Beach, is the standard for excellent service, guest amenities, and every luxury imaginable.

Since 2007, the resort has built up a reputation for being the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation, legendary parties, beachside weddings, and more. And with the first-ever Laboral Summit: Move More, Live More!, the resort introduces a new experience with a wellness retreat designed for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Fresh from our Cebu Pacific flight, guests were given the resort's unique brand of service—setting the tone for the three-day-long program. As I settled in at the car transfer heading to the private boat, I was immediately put to ease with the health and safety standards that were being followed in partnership with Lysol. On the boat, the pampering continued with food and beverages before we were ultimately led to check-in.

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The holistic wellness program began with our first taste of the daily themed meals. Apart from promoting physical movement, the summit goes big on healthy eating, as well as happy and healthy nutrition. A short orientation that detailed our list of activities for the rest of the weekend followed.

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Even though there were a dozen people having the same experience, it felt as though the program was specially tailored for me with a schedule that allowed me to take part in movement sessions, mindfulness therapy, healthy cooking and mixology demonstrations, webinars, and activities.

The Pan Asian menu.
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The first activities were movement sessions set in areas within the resort that allowed you to see the island. I took in the sight of the picturesque views and sounds of the distant waves while doing yoga, pilates, and (beginner) gymnastics. The summit's connection to nature didn't stop there. A scavenger hunt that doubled as a nature walk let us explore parts of the White Beach and the resort that I probably wouldn't have without the activity.

Movement exercises at the clubhouse deck.
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"The summit is aimed at achieving a healthier lifestyle for its participants especially with the current work-from-home arrangements where the natural movements of walking, climbing stairs, twists, and turns were significantly reduced in one’s daily routine. This lack of muscle and joint movement leads to ergonomic pain and discomfort, an unhealthy spine, poor blood circulation, and limits brain oxygenation," Discovery Shores said in a release.

The resort continued, "All these can result in occupational and long-term health issues if left unmitigated. Movement of the body parts the right way helps alleviate pain; restores focus through proper oxygenation of brain and circulation of blood; boosts immunity through lymphatic health; releases happy chemicals to improve mood; and assists in sleep and relaxation, all leading to a healthy and happy wellbeing."

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The activities flowed through smoothly with the help of Discovery Shores' team who anticipated every guest's needs without them asking. During my stay, this standard was clear from the way each session was prepared down to the end of the day with how dinner was prepared.

Even during downtime in our rooms, the summit arranged learning sessions such as webinars, demonstrations, and do-it-yourself workshops. What stuck out were the in-room meditation exercises and Century Tuna cooking demos. Though short and quick, these activities ultimately embodied the goal of the three-day summit.

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The type of experience that comes with staying at Discovery Shores Boracay is something you can't get anywhere else. And coupled with the Laboral Summit program, it really is the only answer if you're looking for a movement for physical and mental wellness.


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