Hotels Are Not Exempted from Community Quarantine

Many city hotels have already stopped accepting guests.

As the island of Luzon buckles down for community quarantine, only private establishments “providing basic necessities and activities related to food and medicine production are allowed to stay open.” That includes supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and restaurants that provide delivery services.

The exemption does not cover hotels. Many city hotels have already stopped accepting guests, and have advised guests who are foreign nationals to fly out within the 72-hour grace period allowed by the government. 

“Many guests are flying out on their own, or are being informed by the hotel staff to book flights out,” said one Makati hotel officer who asked not to be identified. “Many hotels are doing this. They have until Thursday.”

She said the hotel has stopped accepting guests, and those who are already there guests are being asked to check out. 

“We are following enhanced community directives,” she said. “Safety and security first.”

Another hotel in Makati is no longer accepting guests but is allowing extensions for its checked-in patrons.

“Only the key officials are still working since we still have guests,” said its PR officer. She said they are meeting later this afternoon to discuss further measures moving forward.

A Manila-based hotel has already been emptied of its guests. 

“They are all gone by today. Mandated, said one of its officials, who said the hotel is being cleaned and will shut down by Friday.

A hotel in Paranaque is also preparing to suspend its services.

“We have not been accepting hotel guests as of March 15,” said its PR officer. “We are just clearing the rooms now of those still checked in. We are informing them about the 72-hour travel advisory so they can fly out.”






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