Pack Your Bags. Filipinos Can Now Visit Korea's Jeolla Province Visa-Free


Pack your bags and book your tickets. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila Office hast just announced that Philippine passport holders can enter Jeolla Province in Korea visa-free. These visa-free entries apply to Filipino group tourists entering Muan International Airport starting March 15, 2023. From Muan, Filipinos can explore Jeolla Province, which is divided into two provinces: North Jeolla (Jeollabuk-do) and South Jeolla (Jeollanam-do). The new policy intends to promote tourism in Jeolla Province, and will last until March 31, 2024.

But there is a slight catch: Filipino tourists can only enjoy visa-free travel if they join a group tour arranged by eight designated travel agencies and are scheduled to fly in and out of Muan on the same direct flight with the group consisting of 5 or more members. The group will then be issued a tourist/transit visa instead of a short-term visit visa and can stay in the three select Korean provinces for up to 15 days. You can check out the approved agencies here.

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Given the policy, you won’t be able to DIY travel if you want to visit Jeolla Province, but that’s a small compromise in retrospect. Jeolla Province is home to 15 of Korea’s 100 must-visit tourist spots, and all of them look straight out of a fairytale. Some of the most popular sports are Jeonju Hanok Village in Jeonju, Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation in Boseong, Naejangsan National Park in Jeongeup and Sunchang, and Purple Island in Sinan. Jeolla Province also has something to offer foodies as its home to none other than Jeonju Bibimbap.


Check out more of Jeolla Province below:

Suncheonman Bay

Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.

Suncheonman Bay

Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.

Naganeupseong Walled Town

Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.
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Maehwa Village

Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.

Jeonju Hanok Village

Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.

Jeonju Bibimbap

Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.

2023 is the year to visit South Korea. In total, Filipinos can now visit three Korean provinces visa-free in 2023. Aside from Muan International Airport, the two other regional airports Filipinos can enter visa-free are Jeju International Airport and Yangyang International Airport. From Jeju International Airport, Filipinos can visit Jeju Island visa-free, and from Yangyang International Airport, Filipinos can visit Gangwon Province visa-free.

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