Live Like High Fashion Royalty at This House of Gucci Airbnb 

Just cough up $1,545 per night. 
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Can’t get enough of House of Gucci? The Gucci family crime drama has already premiered abroad, and the stellar trailers are making us excited for the day it hits local cinemas. For now, we can enjoy the promotional materials, and if you’re a huge fan—with the cash to boot—then you can book this impressive Airbnb in Italy that was used as an iconic set in the movie. 

This House of Gucci villa is called Villa Balbiano, a stunning Lake Como palazzo that is pure ‘90s Italian opulence. The villa was used as the set for Aldo Gucci’s home in the movie, but in real life, it originally belonged to Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio in the 16th century. Another cardinal, Angelo Durini, took over the villa about a century later and embellished the already grandiose villa. Even back in the 1600s, this place was a party palace. 

Aside from its long history, the villa is also known for housing some of the finest art and furniture in Lake Como. Just imagine the parties this palazzo witnessed through the centuries with specular 17th-century frescoes by the Recchi brothers and Agostini Silva as the backdrop.

For visitors lucky enough to book a one-night stay at this iconic villa, there are six luxurious suites to choose from, all of which were designed by renowned interior decorator Jacques Garcia. Enjoy the black marble tiles and gold details of the opulent grand bathroom, and bask in the million-dollar view of Lake Como from the villa’s pristine gardens. 


Villa Balbiono might not be the home of kings—but it’s certainly worthy of party-loving Italian cardinals and a high fashion film. Just cough up $1,545 a night if you want to live like a Gucci.

Aerial View

Photo by Airbnb.

The Living Room

Photo by Airbnb.

Master Bedroom Suite

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Photo by Airbnb.

Master Bathroom

Photo by Airbnb.

Villa Balbiano Fountain

Photo by Airbnb.

View of Lake Como

Photo by Airbnb.

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