These Are The Multiple Country Visas That Make It Easier to Roam the Planet

Kill two birds with one stone.

Getting a visa is a hassle, so it’s no surprise why the Schengen Visa is so popular. While the 26 countries in the Schengen Area are each worth the visit, most people are attracted to the Schengen Visa because it allows them to visit 26 countries with only one visa, saving travelers from the headache of applying for multiple visas at once.

The Schengen Visa was a brilliant creation, and it paved the way for other countries to band together to offer common visas or visas that let you visit multiple countries. Here are the multiple country visas you can apply for:

The Czech Republic
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1| Schengen Visa

As mentioned above, the Schengen Visa lets you visit 26 countries, which are: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Filipinos who apply for this visa can stay in the Schengen member states for up to 90 days in total.

Tikal ruins in Guatemala.

2| Central American Single Visa

Also known as Visa Unica Centroamericana, this visa was implemented thanks to the CA-4 agreement between four countries in Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Travelers with a CA-4 visa can stay in the four countries for up to 90 days in total.

Located on the strip of land that connects North America to South America, CA-4 is bordered by Costa Rica to the south and Mexico to the north. Like the Philippines, all four countries are former colonies of Spain, and as such, Spanish is the main language across the region. Rich in pre-colonial culture, the Aztec and Mayan ruins are among the most popular attractions in all four countries.

Kenyan safari.
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3| East African Tourist Visa

In a bid to promote tourism in East Africa, the Republics of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda collaborated to offer travelers a single entry visa to all three countries. The visa is valid for 90 days, and expires if you go outside the three countries.

Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda are known for their abundance of wildlife, national parks, and reserves. Kenya alone has approximately 60 national parks and game reserves, and all three countries have incredible biodiversity in both flora and fauna. East Africa is home to the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and cape buffalo), so you’ll never run out of adventure and wildlife on this side of the African bush.

Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

4| KAZA Univisa

This two-country visa was created to allow visitors to explore both sides of the famous Victoria Falls: Zambia and Zimbabwe. A KAZA Univisa is valid for a 30-day period.


The two landlocked countries in southern Africa are known for their picturesque landscapes and natural attractions like the Victoria Falls, which is located on the Zambezi River.

The Isle of Skye in Scotland.

5| United Kingdom Visa

Contrary to popular belief, the United Kingdom is not made up of one country, but four: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. A U.K. visa allows travelers to visit all four countries, each of which are distinctly different from the other in terms of culture and landscape, as well as the islands of Guernsey and Jersey in the English Channel, and the Isle of Man, which is located in the Irish Sea.

Without a doubt, London is the tourist trap of the U.K., but there’s more to see outside the metro, particularly the valleys and highlands of Scotland and the Celtic ruins of Wales.

Some countries are starting to see the appeal of common visas, and there are already plans to set more of them in motion. 


ASEAN common visa scheme

The ASEAN common visa is will be launched later this year, allowing travelers to enter all 10 ASEAN countries with one visa. Filipinos holding a Philippine passport can already enter all ASEAN countries (Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar) visa-free for a limited amount of time, but for Filipinos holding other passports, it won’t hurt to track the progress of the upcoming ASEAN common visa.

SADC Univisa

An extension of the KAZA Univisa, which is already in place, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will open the possibility of a single-entry visa to the following countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, and Swaziland. The full extension is still in progress, but for now, travelers can enjoy the KAZA visa.

Pacific Alliance visa

A single-entry visa to the Pacific Alliance countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru) are currently in talks. This will allow travelers to journey up the South and Central American Pacific coast from Chile all the way up to Mexico.

Silk Visa

Pegged as the Asian Schengen, the Silk Visa is a common visa that will allow travelers to cross the border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, two countries located on the historic Silk Road routes.

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