How to Hack Priority Boarding at Cebu Pacific


Starting October 28, passengers flying Cebu Pacific can skip lines and hack priority boarding with the local carrier. 

Travelers flying in the Philippines can now purchase Go Ahead, which guarantees priority boarding and a premium seat with extra legroom on any of the carrier’s flights. This will be available for as low as P350. 

Passengers will also be able to secure space at the overhead bins for their hand-carried bags ahead of everyone else. 

Additional Hacks for Convenience, According to Airline Insiders

Aside from Go Ahead, another airline hack is to purchase seats early. According to Cebu Pacific’s insiders, passengers will have the assurance that they can sit beside their companions, on top of being able to select the seats on the plane. This is ideal for large groups traveling together.

Cebu Pacific’s premium seating can be availed during the initial booking online for only P350.

It is also be available for those who decide to add it on after receiving their itineraries. Passengers can add this through the airline’s booking portal through its website but it will have a slightly higher price. 

Priority boarding and premium seating is also available for international flights starting at P650. 

Other Crucial Steps Before Flying

Considering the pandemic, airlines have put in place protocols to trace passengers who board their flights. To avoid inconveniences at the airport, they should accomplish their contact information online through the airline’s portals. In the case of Cebu Pacific, it can be accomplished here


Passengers should also allow the airline to send notifications regarding flight changes due to regularly changing quarantine restrictions in different destinations. 

Before buying a flight ticket, know the travel requirements of the city of your destination. The last thing you want to happen is to board your flight and arrive at your destination only to be turned away because of incomplete requirements. 

Airlines typically have an updated list of travel requirements for different destinations posted on their website. 

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