This Is the Safest Airplane Seat to Book to Avoid Getting Sick

Yep, you have to factor in where you're sitting.

International travel is slowly opening up all over the world. Though we still have a long way to go until nonessential travel continues, it's still better to be prepared when the day comes. How prepared do you need to be? Well, you have to factor in where you're sitting.

Scientists have studied how germs travel around on planes, and where you sit actually plays a part in the whole thing. Let's start with the worst: The aisle seat is naturally the worst place as you come in contact with more people.

With that, the window seat has been deemed to be the best place to sit as you come into contact with the least people. Being next to a wall also cuts down the radius of people around you as compared to other seats. It's a small benefit, but it definitely cuts down your chances of being infected.

"The average number of contacts is greatest for those in aisle seats, less so in middle seats, and least in window seats. Passengers seated mid-cabin have more contacts if they leave their seats," the study said.

The window seat may be the safest in terms of lowering your chances of getting sick, but don't worry. that doesn't mean the middle and the aisle seats are to be deathly avoided in case you get assigned to them. You should be fine as long as you follow health safety protocols.

And, for the record, the germiest area on an airplane are tray tables. Yep, those little tables that we eat off are teeming with bacteria.

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