Here's How to Successfully Score Tickets From Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Fest

A few tips to get around the system.

Cebu Pacific is celebrating its 23rd anniversary with a major seat sale: one million seats in prices that can't be beat. The sale includes 36 domestic and 26 international destinations as well as discounts on airline perks like in-flight meals, baggage allowance, and hotel rates. 

We've been there. Scoring a seat during a seat sale can be a b*tch, but as experienced travelers, we've learned a couple of lessons when it comes to maximizing seat sales.


1| Get your Internet up and running smoothly.

You don't want to be the sad travel junkie who's stuck on a loading page.

2| Get on multiple platforms.

The Cebu Pacific website and the CEB mobile app (downloadable via the App Store or Google Play) work in parallel within the Cebu Pacific booking system. Logging into both the website and the app increases the chance of finding those great deals.

3| Get your docs ready.

Memorize birthdays and names. Have your passport details on hand in a document or digital note before the sale. This way you can just hit CTRL+C and CTRL+V when the site is asking you for all this information. 

Get your credit or debit cards ready, too.

4| The more the merrier.

As veteran seat sale hunters, we know that having a group trying to get through the digital crowd has a bigger chance of getting through. Just make sure you have different connections.


Book by groups of two or three to increase the chance of availing promo fares.

5| Stay updated and get ahead.

Know what flights you want and where you want to go that way you can skip a few steps when it comes to searching for your destination.

Cebu Pacific's Super Seat Sale Fest is a month-long sale includes the airline’s trademark low-cost flights, as well as group deals, discounts on inflight meals and baggage allowance, and low hotel rates on CEB Getaways.

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