This Secret Button Will Give You More Space on a Plane

How did we not know about it before?

Being squished in economy for a flight can be one of the least enjoyable parts of your holiday, especially on a packed-out plane.

So what if we told you that there was a way to get more room for yourself and it has been there this whole time, unnoticed?

Thanks to The Independent, we are now aware of a secret button which could be the key to your comfort.

On the arm rests of plane seats in the aisle, there is a rarely-ever-talked-about button, which allows the arm rest to be put up completely.

Simply reach under the armrest and feel by the hinge where you should find the release button.

The Independent states that this hack is often used by cabin crew when they're seating passengers who require special assistance and that it's official reason for existing is to make evacuation easier.

So, next time you're on a flight and want to spill out into the aisle or just show off in front of other passengers about your infinite knowledge, try that secret button and you may never look back.

h/t The Independent

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