What Flying in the New 4-Star PAL's Business Class is Like

PAL's recent four-star upgrade is also good news for the plebes in economy.

We're as thrilled as the next guy about snagging that one-peso fare at the next seat sale, but there comes a time in a man's life when he has to square his shoulders as he walks through the plane doors, and pivot left towards his rightful place in Business Class.

Yeah, yeah, we know. We've been flying budget so long we've almost forgotten what non-budget, non-Economy flights are like. To refresh your memory: It's awesome.

In case you missed it, earlier this year Philippine Airlines managed a coup within the industry by earning its fourth star from Skytrax, making the flag carrier the first and only airline in the country with a four-star rating. This is good news for everyone, because the four-star rating means that the airline has met (and needs to maintain) certain standards of passenger service and comfort to retain the rating. "[The four-star rating] recognizes the great improvements that the airline has introduced over the last two years, both in terms of product change and development and enhancement of the front-line staff service," says Edward Plaisted, Skytrax CEO.

The sweeping improvements over the past two years have meant larger legroom across all cabin classes, including Economy and Premium Economy; better and more consistent service, both in flight and on the ground; and even a new visuals for the brand.

In the meantime, however, it's the business class passengers who may reap the most obvious benefits from the upgrade. A few of our favorite details:

Business Class Seats Become Full-Flat Beds


Once upon a time, PAL was also the first in the region to offer actual "Skybeds," with only 14 of these unicorns found in the upper decks, reserved exclusively for First-Class passengers. The new Business Class seats aren't quite Skybeds, but they do come pretty damn close.

On select flights (on the tri-class Airbus A330s, the latest Boeing B777s, the newly launched Airbus A321neo and Airbus A350 aircraft), seats can turn into full-flat beds up to 78 inches long—over six feet, by the way, so you're still covered if you're a fairly tall guy.

Not enough is said about PAL's comforter, either. Yes, that's right: comforter (or a duvet, if you're feeling extra fancy). No thin blankets here, just the softest, fluffiest single-person comforter we've ever seen.

myPAL Inflight Streaming and Wi-Fi

Now you're able to afford Business Class because you're a very important man doing very busy things, so of course you can't afford to be offline for that 16-hour intercontinental flight, right? Onboard wi-fi will connect you to the internet for the duration of the flight, so you can check email, chat with your team back home, monitor the news, or keep up with your clan during raids (no judgement).

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Of course, the inflight entertainment system is also pre-loaded with over 300 hours' worth of entertainment, with the option to view it for free via your own devices.

Dine on Demand, Featuring Collaborations with Filipino Celebrity Chefs

Legendary arroz caldo aside, the inflight cuisine has always been something to look forward to on PAL flights. This time, however, they've brought in some extra help in the kitchen, with renowned chefs taking turns on collaborations for the inflight menu. Chefs Jessie Sincioco, Fernando Aracama, Glenda Barretto, Myrna Segismundo, and Miko Aspiras are all featured, along with homegrown artisanal brands like Carmen’s Best ice cream, Auro chocolates, and Malagos cheese from Davao.

Better yet, Business Class passengers can dine on demand. Do you want two breakfasts today? Dinner right now? Or do you want two steaks and no salad? No problem whatsoever.

PAL offers great deals on business class seats from July 2 to 15 (travel period from August 16 to December 31).

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