You’ll Never Want to Leave This Hotel in Palawan

The Hue Hotel in Puerto Princesa grounds modern and eclectic design on the city’s cultural stories.
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The swimming pool on top of the Hue Hotel is encased in glass, which means that from the main highway of the city of Puerto Princesa, one can watch unknowing swimmers undoing their wedgies. The newly launched Hue Hotel & Resort in Palawan is inevitably a showstopper—and even without the pool, one would be attracted to its architectural beauty: its signage surrounded with lush foliage, and a façade embraced in modern cuts. Set at the heart of the city but meant to imbibe a resort feel—one will be transported into a tropical paradise as soon as they step through its doors.



Balinsasayaw birds are carved in wood and set up on the walls.

Actually, scratch that—there aren’t even really any doors to step into. Instead, its open-air lobby with marble and stone flooring meant to replicate the mangroves of the region is what invites you in. There are details that boast of the city’s culture: the balinsasayaw birds carved in wood and set up on the walls; the chairs crafted after the local birds’ nests; the local weaves that adorn the front desk; the planters which are hand-woven by prison inmates as a means of recreation. And yet, everything is fused with a truly modern aesthetic—Hue then becomes a new player in the hotel industry that is representative of the times, using carefully researched narrative of the place and making it the backbone of their design work—it’s nice to finally see a space so well thought out and so put together.

Expect decorative ironwork inspired by classic designs, patterned tiles, room numbers cast by shadows, and unique local touches. Its 122 rooms are neat and industrial, with bursts of color and a unique layout that makes this hotel comfortable but fun.

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Expect decorative ironwork inspired by classic designs, patterned tiles, room numbers cast by shadows, and unique local touches.

Downstairs, you will find the Matiz Restaurant and Tapas Bar, headed by Chef Gabby Prats. He serves up a menu that fuses both local and Spanish cuisine: ginataang santol, thrice cooked bagnet, cashew kare-kare, and what they swear is the “best paella in town.” If you’re not checking-in to the hotel, I assure you, you’ll come to Hue for the food. And if you’re not hungry, you’re probably up for a drink (or two). Their bar menu serves cocktails that are concocted with natural ingredients by mixologist Kalel Demetrio. He uses Palawan honey only, no refined sugar, and liqueur infusions of every kind. Plus their rooftop has a spectacular view of the sunset.



In every corner of the room, the details have a story, every design element rich with context and history.

Fresh is the key work when it comes to Hue, its vibrant atmosphere breathing new life into its space. Finally, here is a hotel that doesn’t just feel like a box with a view. Instead, in every corner of the room, the details have a story, every design element rich with context and history. Its managing directors are brothers Dennis and Dexter Lee, and the hotel is managed by the Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII), who provide an experience that is truly unique, in that they have elevated your stay to go just beyond the necessities. The fact the hotel tells you a story of the place and the culture in which you are visiting. It is already an immersive experience, even when you haven’t stepped out of your room. In fact, the comfort of this place makes it hard to do just that.


Soon, Hue managed by Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII) will be launching their second hotel in Boracay, telling a totally different story. This is their objective: that every one of their resorts and hotels will be representative of the location in which is it constructed, and so every experience with Hue will be quite special. Expect to be surprised every time you visit, but trust that they will always be engrained in a special place in your memory.


This is the first Hue Hotel, with a second one soon to follow in Boracay. You can expect local touches to play a role in the design. 

Great story, modern dynamic design elements, and always serving up the best in food and beverage—these newcomers are one to watch for, as they plan to paint the town every hue of the rainbow with their vivid panache for design and experience.

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