This Airbnb in La Union Feels Like a Private Villa Straight Out of Bali

For your weekend retreat consideration.

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When we think of La Union, we think of a gorgeous escape from the mind-numbing concrete of Metro Manila. This is a place for quiet reflection in many ways. It's a surfer's haven, and has created its own lore with movies like I’m Drunk, I Love You, or Metamorphosis and the like. The party scene is pretty nice, too.

But maybe you want a more laid-back approach to your La Union stay. Maybe you want something with a luxe otherworldly Southeast Asian character to it. Just a few minutes away from the famous Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan lies this beautiful Bali-inspired Airbnb that feels like something straight out of Bali, Indonesia. Ysla Villa is your own Balinese private resort in many ways, offering one cozy and serene staycation experience unlike any other in the area.

The design of the villa itself reflects the importance of blending natural elements with the interior setting. Here, we are treated to open spaces, gorgeous wooden design carvings, and a private pool. It feels like a luxury trip minus the hefty price tag.

And the photos speak for themselves, really.

From the private entrance, we are greeted by this scenic outdoor area, where natural elements and glimpses of Balinese design collide. 

Photo by AIRBNB.

You love to see it. Hell, you might forget to go outside. Of course, it's still La Union, and a stroll wouldn't hurt.

Photo by AIRBNB.

Of course, the living room is fitted with rattan furniture, intricate paneling, and some plants. Perfect for a nice slow day.

Photo by AIRBNB.
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It just feels warm. We also have the option to go to the beach, which is literally a short walk away from the premises.

Photo by AIRBNB.

Ysla Villa is complete with an outdoor kitchen, grill, and dining area.

Photo by AIRBNB.

Quite the way to wake up in La Union, right?

Photo by AIRBNB.

There are two bedrooms in Ysla Villa. Although the place is best enjoyed by couples looking for a sort of intimate retreat, after all.


The only request the owners have is to be as quiet as possible, seeing as though it's a pretty chill neighborhood. Not too much to ask. 

Ysla Villa is located in San Juan, La Union. Rates start at P7,000 for a maximum of two guests. For more information, visit Ysla Villa's Facebook page hereBook a staycation at the Airbnb with the super host today.

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