Kris Aquino, the Mother, Is Our Favorite Version of Kris Aquino

Pro tips for loving, fighting, and mothering.
IMAGE Instagram - Kris C. Aquino (@krisaquino)

A quick peek at Kris Aquino’s Instagram page warrants a jaw drop, not because of her 3.5 million followers or her ceaselessly radiating profile picture, but because of the autobiographic description under her name. Where Queen of All Media, Producer, Entrepreneur, Endorser, Actress, Presidential Daughter and Sister (no, she never used this) were once written now puts forward what seems to be her most important, ever constant, and least anticipated role: “MOTHER of Kuya Josh & Bimb.” And in true Kris Aquino fashion, the hashtags #lovelovelove and #laban come right after.

All of a sudden, Kris Aquino, the loving and fighting mother, now precedes Kris Aquino, the digital media maven, or Kris Aquino, the top Filipino taxpayer, or Kris Aquino, the actress. She may not have been born into this role, but she’s grown to succeed in becoming one in our eyes. And no one cannot agree that the role suits her. It was just a matter of time that she would reveal to everyone her true core as a mother, and what a trailblazing way to do itnot in an interview with BFF Boy Abunda or a live tell-all on national television, but on social media, where she thrives as a trailblazer but also where she is real, raw, and authentic. Kris Aquino, who admittedly looks too good for 47 years old, has transformed into a mother we all want to have and a mother we all want to become. But in this unfair world where we are not Kuya Josh or Bimb, the next best thing to do is to follow in her Valentino-heeled footsteps and become a parent that religiously follows Kris Aquino’s style of rearing. Look no further as we’ve gathered pro tips to love, fight, and mother a la Kris.      


All of a sudden, Kris Aquino, the loving and fighting mother, now precedes Kris Aquino, the digital media maven, or Kris Aquino, the top Filipino taxpayer, or Kris Aquino, the actress.

1| Start good habits at home

Transferring houses from Quezon City to Makati to Quezon City did not stop Kris from instilling the best values in Kuya Josh & Bimb. Even if you and your bank accounts can, don’t spoil your kids or make them feel entitled. Instead, make sure they’re polite, humble, appreciative of what they have and of you, and even generous themselves. The true test according to Kris? “If you’re not with them but they’re behaving. Hindi kailangan turuan to behave properly!”

2| #Lovelovelove yourself

Kris is, of course, queen of loving oneself so you can love others. Watch, read, eat, travel, pray, and wear Spanx if you have to. Keep yourself well informed (Kris spends 2.5 hours a day reading newspapers, magazines, or books.) Make sure you look good even if you’re just sleepingand that may entail having 13 pillows in your bed. But on top of all these, keep your health in check!

3| Open lines of communication

Allow them to ask you questions, even those that are too hard to answer like “Will you fall in love again? Who was your first love?” Being honest and authentic in front of your kids will help keep your relationship healthy and growing. Before Bimb finds out anything on social media, Kris tells him directly. And that’s why they’re best friends.

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4| Stay clingy

Fearing that your kids will grow up too quickly? Stay clingy! Just this February, Kris admitted via an Instagram post: “As a mom, I’m close enough to my 2 that I can honestly tell them when I need the reassurance of being squished in the middle between them so that I can get a good night’s rest because I’m enveloped in their love.” Sometimes, it’s okay to be the baby in the household. “Bimb keeps it REAL. He’s who keeps me grounded. In this home I’m not the [queen], I’m the mama who still gets scolded by her 11 year old when in his words ‘Mama, you’re acting like a baby.’” 

5| Continue learning

Mothering doesn’t end when your kid is past his twenties. It’s a constant effort to learn from your mistakes, from your own kids, and even from your fellow moms. Kris got lucky to have role models in her mother and grandmother. She admits to not being the best daughter, but “By example, I’m being a good mom.” Her words of wisdom: Be a better person every day and never be a cause of problems for your children.

6| Let there be wiggle room

Nurture an atmosphere where there is freedom to grow and commit mistakesfor both you and your kids. If you’re Kris Aquino, this can mean allowing your kids to choose which Disneyland you’ll travel to during the break. If you’re Kuya Josh, this can mean spending alone time (with assistants and bodyguards though) in a faraway province. If you’re Bimb, this can mean letting your mom choose your future girlfriend.     


7| Laugh at yourself

Yes, you’re super mom, but it’s okay to act foolish in front of your kids. You don’t have to look stern and act as a disciplinarian 24/7. Be comedic in front of them and even let them spoof you. Who doesn’t love Bimb when he copies the way his mom speaks?   

8| Leave a legacy

I’ve come to the conclusion that my unquestionable work ethic is no longer a protective coat to erase in my psyche the wrong relationship choices of my past, it’s now the legacy I wish to leave for my children,” Kris writes in her blog a day before her 47th birthday. Beyond her millions and businesses and other sources of income (how about all the Hermes in her wardrobe?), a mature Kris Aquino is proud to leave behind a legacy of #lovelovelove when the day comes (not soon, we hope).


9| Be a mother to children who are not biologically yours

Who doesn’t know Bincai, Jack, or Alvin? How you treat others results to how they treat your own kids. So if you consider them like family, then you’re sure that everything stays harmonious. You may not afford to buy all of them health insurance or pay for their wedding (We miss you, yaya Gerbel!), but appreciating their hard work by any means will be beneficial. The same goes for people beyond the walls of your house, for example: “Sorry but Erich ranks up there with Kuya Josh and Bimb when it comes to unleashing the Tiger Mom in me…” Who else wants a Tiger Mom Kris to defend them?

10| Unleash the #warriormom

For a mother like Kris Aquino, protecting your children is beyond question, even if it means fighting your own friends, lashing out on social media, and crossing political lines. At the end of the day, anything and everything for your children, right? The battles may seem daunting and tiresome, but when you see your kids secure and protected, it will all be worth it. Kris Aquino, queen mother of 2018, shares: “She will choose to battle only worthy opponents…I wear my scars so others may see that you can fight for your TRUTH, and in time you can heal…But for me my scars will always be reminders na hindi ako umatras sa laban, and it I did it for the most legitimate reason a human being can haveBECAUSE I LOVE MY SONS & nobody will ever again have the right to take advantage of us.”

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