A Man's Guide to Beautiful Women, According to 12 Beautiful Women

Agot Isidro, Cherie Gil, Iza Calzado, and the country's top models tell you how to get them to like you.

A beautiful woman is like a mirage. You can never be quite sure. The more confident ones would take a swig of gin then go for it, while others would cower in the corner, shrouded by intimidation, hesitation, and the feeling of inadequacy, then forever haunted by notions of what could've been. 

But regret is for boys, not for men. It's easy for us to tell you to go for it and we'll pat you on the back no matter the outcome, but what good is that? No, this time, we're not going to offer the advice. We're letting some of the Philippines' hottest and most successful women coach you on how to catch their attention and make impressions that matter. 

I like a sweet talker, someone who isn't afraid to say what's on their mind. Honesty is disarming. A woman can sense if you're confident with yourself, confidence sells. You don't have to be the most good-looking guy in the room, but if you're charming, honest, and confident, that's something attractive.


–Kylie Versoza, Miss International 2016

For me, he should be fearless! Of course, having nerves is normal, but pushing through that is what matters. I find it attractive when a man dares to be straight up about who he is and what he wants.

–Monika Sta. Maria

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What does a guy have to say to a girl to get her to like him? The truth. If she looks good, tell her. If she’s beautiful, she knows that already, so tell her something about her that is nothing related to her beauty—something that makes her outstanding. A smart woman would know if he’s pulling her leg, so be truthful.

–Agot Isidro

When a man says that he fell in love with you for you and he doesn't want to change a thing (both the good and the bad) about you, you know that he’s a keeper. Every one has a habit of trying to change something about the other so the fact that Mark (that’s her boyfriend, sorry folks!) takes me for who I am, there really is no reason to think twice.

–Kara Gozali


‘You love sending memes and random videos, too?’ A good sense of humor is the key to getting a beautiful woman to like you.

–Suzanne Abesamis

A man should say something funny and honest to get a woman interested in him. Add a sprinkle of pambobola (sprinkle only, bawal tumodo) and you're good to go!

–Iza Calzado


He should be real with himself and not try too hard. No cheesy pick-up lines for me! LOL! If he is a goofy guy, he should act like a goofy guy. If he is a shy guy, he shouldn’t try to change just to impress me.

–Hye Won Jang

To get my attention, a guy needs to be real and up front. No cheesy lines. No airs. Just confidence and wit. A great sense of humor is a huge plus.

–Michelle Panemanglor-Onrubia


There is no secret but they shouldn’t be afraid of rejection. I like it when guys are straightforward because I’m not a fan of games.

–Jessica Yang

Different strokes for different folks, but it is good humor that works quite well for many.

–Tweetie de Leon Gonzales


‘Are you hungry?  Let’s eat!’ That would totally get me because I’m always hungry. Haha!

–Jach Mandere

Witty liners that can break into a big laugh would work. Sometimes, no words are really needed. A look deep into each other's eyes will tell me there's a connection right there. And, of course, at this point of my life , I'd rather not waste anytime  so far, no one has looked deep enough to touch me enough. Anyone and everyone should know that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

–Cherie Gil

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