10 Beautiful Words in the English Language For Human Emotions We Never Knew Had Names

There's probably a word for that sad/happy emotion you're feeling.

The spectrum of human experience is far too complicated to be limited to happy, sad, and in-between. In fact, there are more words for the “in-between” than most people know. There’s a word for feeling nostalgic for a time you never experienced. There’s even a word for when you wish you could care less about something. 

Here are 10 beautiful nouns in the English language for our many complicated human emotions. 

1| Chrysalism 

Pronounced kris-a-lizim. The feeling of tranquility when you’re indoors when it’s raining heavily outside. 

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2| Lilo 

Pronounced ly-lo. The friendship between two people who feel as if no time has passed when they see each other after a long period of separation. 

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3| Sonder 

Pronounced son-der. The realization that every stranger and passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. That each person is occupied by their own personal ambitions, worries, and problems.

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4| Monachopsis 

Pronounced mo-na-kop-sis. The inability to adapt to your surroundings and the feeling of being out of place. 

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5| Eramnesia 

Pronounced eram-nee-ja. The realization that you were born in the wrong time period, wishing you lived in another time. 

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6| Anemoia 

Pronounced an-em-oh-ya. The feeling of nostalgia for a time or place that you have never experienced.


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7| Pâro 

Pronounced pah-ro. The feeling that no matter what you do, you’re doing it wrong. 

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8| Xeno

Pronounced zee-noh. The powerful moments shared between random strangers, such as a smile or a laugh, which reduce feelings of loneliness. 

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9| Acatalepsy 

Pronounced aka-ta-lep-sy. The apparent impossibility of humans ever comprehending the universe. 

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10| Liberosis 

Pronounced lib-ero-sis. The desire to care less about things, to feel less. 

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