'I'm a Guy and I Got Raped by a Female Stalker'

Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean a girl can’t rape you.
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UST Freedom Wall is a repository of anonymous confessions from Thomasian students and alumni about anything. Confessions are submitted through CrushNinja. One confession comes from a 23-year-old guy who claims he was “molested” by his female stalker

“I’m a guy and I was molested by a female stalker. I told my friends about it, and they thought I was joking. One of them even said I was lucky to have a stalker,” said the anonymous person. 

'Out of nowhere, this girl confessed her feelings to me. This was two months before she raped me.'

According to him, he wants to forget about the whole thing but felt he should share his story to erase the notion that guys can’t be raped or molested just because they’re men. This story happened while he was still a student at the University of Santo Tomas

“We are also victims,” he said. 

“I lived alone in a dorm I am renting near the university. I used to come home late at night because I usually spent a lot of time studying in the library and finishing our activities. Then, out of nowhere, this girl confessed her feelings to me. This was two months before she raped me.”

How Cute Turned to Batshit Crazy so Fast

“She’s cute,” the guy confesses. 

“She’s tall, morena, a beautiful lady. I’m taller, though. I’m 6’3,” said the guy. 

“After she confessed, she started acting weird. I would get surprised because she would appear outside the room after our classes, bringing me snacks. At first, I appreciated what she did since she was outspoken about her feelings for me. But I made it clear that I had no time for relationships because I wanted to get a scholarship from UST.”


According to the guy, his stalker accepted what he said and promised not to expect anything in return. He just let her do as she pleased, but things took a turn for the worse when another girl confessed her feelings for him. 

“It’s a mystery how she found out about that. She started acting so clingy, and when she had time, she went to our department,” said the guy.

Things escalated to batshit crazy after the stalker saw him having lunch with his female cousin. 

The female stalker suddenly popped out of nowhere and told him, “Ah, so iyan pala ang gusto mo!” (“Oh, so that’s what you like!”), referring to his cousin. His cousin warned him and said he should be careful of her, but he just shrugged it off and said she was just an admirer. 

The Rape

On the same day he and his cousin were harassed by the female stalker, he decided to go home at 6 p.m., earlier than usual. 

“I noticed someone was following me, but I just ignored it since my dorm was nearby. I even stopped to eat kwek-kwek,” said the guy. 

“When I went home, I was really tired that’s why I didn’t notice my door was unlocked when I entered. I really wanted to lie down in bed. I went to my bedroom and took my shirt off when I heard someone say, ‘Ito pala hobby mo pagkakauwi?’” (“So this is what you do when you get home.”)

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He froze. He didn’t know how someone managed to enter his room. 

“She suddenly pushed me. It may sound fictitious but she came prepared. She tied me up on my bed that night and, no kidding, she was a strong woman. She’s strong and heavy. In my surprise, I wasn’t able to resist, and I couldn’t harm a woman.”

“We did it that night.”

Hindi consensual ang nangyari.’

The confessing guy understands that not many will agree with what he has to say, especially with the fact that men can be raped, in this case, by women. 

“Many of you will say it was consensual because I enjoyed and did not resist. I get that. I may have finished that night 'coming', pero sana maisip niyo po na hindi consensual ang nangyari.”

The bitter twist is that his female stalker and rapist is the sister of his best friend. 

“She's just fucking 18, while I'm 23. I tried to forget everything. But I just can't. So yeah, I was raped. And I hope that everything will be fine for me soon.”

This story was originally posted on UST Freedom Wall.

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