This Filipino Business Wants to Uplift the Community Rather Than Make a Lot of Profit


Ever since the pandemic started, lawyer Manny Deldio had been restless thinking about how he can help his community. 

“It may not have been my goal to do business but it was my dream to create jobs, employ workers, and help others live better lives,” Deldio said.

“We had to do something. We could not take things sitting down. We just had to help.” 

While many groups focused on helping medical frontliners, Deldio saw the need to support retrenched workers from businesses that had to close because of the pandemic. So he founded HEWeaves, a community-based manufacturing company. 

Manny Deldio, Founder of HEWeaves

Photo by HEWeaves.

HEWeaves Partners

Photo by HEWeaves.

“Eighty percent of the people hired in HEWeaves were retrenched from their previous jobs,” Said deldio. “We formed a team of experts with skills in sewing, sourcing, operations, and marketing was formed to run the business.”

As a community-based enterprise, HEWeaves’ purpose is to uplift a community, rather than attaining a private gain. HEWeaves’ partners create and resell their products. 

But at the heart of HEWeaves’ every partner is the genuine desire to help, which is one of the things Deldio considered in forming his business. A team of experts with skills in sewing, sourcing, operations, and marketing was formed to run the business. 

“If you will listen, our employees will tell you touching stories, which coincidentally, are intertwined with each other. It was like divine providence who wove these stories into a single tapestry that is now HEWeaves.”

HEWeaves Home showcases home aesthetics, such as curtains, couch covers, and more.  HEWeaves Apparel offers shirts, bags, and sports outfits, while HEWeaves Bedroom comes up with premium bed and bath essentials like bed sheets, duvet covers, towels, and linen sprays. 

Below are some of the finest products produced by partners at HEWeaves.

Photo by HEWeaves.
watch now
Photo by HEWeaves.
Photo by HEWeaves.
Photo by HEWeaves.

HEWeaves Corporate manufactures products to support other local businesses. “We outsource the materials ourselves according to the client’s requirements, we prototype for client’s approval, and once we come to an agreement, we proceed with production,” Deldio explained. 

Now that his business is succeeding, Deldio stays true to his purpose.

“Profit is just the byproduct of us helping people,” said Deldio. “Our people are the threads that complete the business tapestry.” 

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