The Story Behind That Ostrich Running Around a Village in Quezon City


The nation was treated to comic relief on August 4, when two ostriches were seen running around a village in Quezon City, one of which was being chased by a goat. Panicked motorists were unsure of what to do when they encountered the giant birds. 

In two separate videos posted by Dino Rivera and Mark Lawrence Molina Umpig, you can see the flightless bird attempting to escape the village. 

Below are the two videos of the wild ostrich running around Quezon City. 


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According to Rivera, he was about to go out of the village when he encountered the 300-pound bird. 

“I was about to buy something by the village gate when I saw the two ostriches,” said Rivera. 

“I went to the store when I saw the first one secured. Tapos nagulat ako may isa pa pala!”

Rivera is a resident of Mapayapa Village 3 in Quezon City where the ostriches were found. According to Rivera, the village’s security guards told him the ostriches are owned by a lot owner in an adjacent village. The ostriches apparently escaped their enclosure. 

Are you allowed to keep ostriches as pets? 

Although ostriches are considered farm animals or livestock, the collection and keeping of ostriches as pets fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or DENR, as stated in the implementing rules and regulations of the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act. 

But if you're planning to raise ostriches for farming purposes, you should apply for permits from the Bureau of Animal Industry or BAI. 

For other exotic and wild animals you might be thinking of keeping as pets, keep in mind the laws governing such practices. 

Generally, people in the Philippines are not allowed to keep exotic animals as pets, unless they secure a CWR or certificate of wildlife registration from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. A CWR legitimizes your ownership of such pets. 

Not all exotic animals may be kept as pets. The government prohibits keeping threatened and endangered species as pets. 

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Further, only exotic animal species acquired through DENR-registered breeders or sellers are eligible for CWR. 

Below is a guide from the DENR on how to register your wild animal pet.

Photo by DENR.

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