Otters Terrorize Posh Singapore Condo, Eat Almost All the Pet Fish

Singapore has a healthy relationship with its wildlife.

A romp of otters has upset residents of a posh compound in Singapore’s Alexandra Road district when the boisterous critters entered the condominium’s premises and ate nearly all the pet fish in the man-made canal. 

The fish that survived the onslaught were left with one eye or none. 

An otter caught a fish in Singapore

Photo by CKChong | Shutterstock.

Veron Tan, a resident, described the scene to Channel News Asia (CNA): "Twelve otters terrorized my condo today. They ate up pretty much most of the fish we had. Depressing. We feed the fish every weekend."

"My heart goes out to all the fish at The Crest," said Tan. "Some fish were left with an eye, some without."

After feasting on the pet fish, the otters swam in the condo’s pool, terrifying the children.

A Pair of Otters Chilling at a Singapore Park

Photo by Juan Camilo Diaz | Shutterstock.


“They ganged up to fight with the dog.”

In another post uploaded to the Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings, Louis Lee shares how another lodge of otters “ganged up to fight with the dog.”

“Otters can be dangerous, so keep a distance. They can attack anything, even humans,” wrote one commenter. 

The Most Urbanized Otters in the World

Despite being a highly urbanized metropolis, Singapore has a healthy relationship with its wildlife. It also keeps a close watch over the animals that live within its territory. 

The otters that “invaded” the condo in Alexandra Road are part of the Zouk family, one of several families of otters in Singapore. According to Professor N Sivasothi of the National University of Singapore, they are the world’s most urbanized otters and have comfortably adapted to Singapore’s cosmopolitan accommodations.

"Having been forced away from Singapore and Kallang Rivers by rival otter families, they have been forced away from the rich waterways, and wander the urban matrix as nomads," Sivasothi told CNA.

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The Zouk family is composed of 14 otters that roam around Singapore’s Alexandra Canal, Marina Bay, and Botanic Gardens.

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