These Pandas Tumbling in the Snow Will Make Your Day

Pandas are the key to world peace. 
IMAGE Smithsonian's National Zoo

Pandas are the key to world peace. Anyone who watches pandas doing their daily routine will find it hard to disagree. In the video above, giant pandas at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo slide down a hill and climb back up to do it again. 

The pandas, named Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, were loaned from China as part of a centuries-old tradition called Panda Diplomacy

What is Panda Diplomacy?

Panda Diplomacy is the practice of sending giant pandas from China to other countries as a gesture of goodwill. The practice has been recorded since the year 685 when China’s Empress Wu Zetian sent a pair of pandas to Emperor Tenmu of Japan. Receiving a panda from China is considered a very great honor, and only a few countries are ever given or loaned such. 

In 1984, China revised the policy on Panda Diplomacy by no longer sending pandas as gifts, but as loaned treasures. 

Watch these other adorable panda videos that prove they can melt the heart of anyone bent on starting World War III.

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