People Are Pretending to Be Ants in an Ant Colony Because of Quarantine

IMAGE A Group Where We all Pretend to Be Ants in an Ant Colony

The quarantine is making people do silly things out of boredom. Last year, this Facebook group was created: A Group Where We All Pretend To Be Ants In An Ant Colony. It initially had a few members, but has started growing ever since the COVID-19 pandemic sent people into months-long quarantine.

Just last week on April 17, the group ballooned to more than 400,000 members. As of this writing, there are already 740,000 members and counting.

In the group, people post as if they were experiencing things that typically happen in the daily life of an ant.

“Halp! I am stuck. I’m inside a circle drawn by a marker.”

“A stick fell in front of me and broke the line. What should I do?”

“I found food. Help lift.”

“Someone poured molten aluminum at the entrance of tunnel B. I have lost 2,348 friends.”

These are just some of the posts in the group and the reactions are hilarious.


The comments sections are typically filled with one-word replies set in all caps, true to full ant character: LIFT, BITE, WORK.

The group also has rules, and one of the most important is that the words “The Queen” must always be capitalized. Failing to address The Queen Ant in capital letters will result in your expulsion from the group.

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Kindness and courtesy remain at the top of the rules. The admins also have zero tolerance for hate speech, bullying, and harassment.

The group also prohibits posts concerning “human politics,” and discourages its members from messaging other “ants” within the group to protect its members’ privacy.

The group's sudden surge in membership amid the COVID-19 pandemic could be indicating something: In a time of pandemic crisis, what life could be better than to be an ant?

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