8 Qualities of Irresistibly Charming People

You could be one of them.
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Vico Sotto is charming, there's no doubt about that. He gets people to obey not because of fear of retribution, but because of his overwhelming charm.

There’s always that one person whom you could never say no to, not because he is fearsome, but because he has a soft power over you called charm. Here are the eight qualities of people who are irresistibly charming.

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1|  They’re always happy to see everybody.

Charming people have a genuine interest in others. When they ask “How are you,” it comes from a place of sincerity with honest intent to know how you are doing.

2|  They know how to listen.

Few people realize how crucial listening is in conversations. When a charming person listens, he pays attention and reacts to every bit of information you share. He does not butt in or insert himself into your shoes by relating similar experiences.

3|  They search for points of agreement.

Instead of focusing on contentious points in a discussion, charming people move things forward by looking for things people agree on, which is harder than it seems. They will share a different way of looking at things to move a conversation.

4|  They can blend well in any crowd.

A charming person can enjoy the company of anyone regardless of social status or contrasting preferences. In the classroom, they are the ones who can hang out with the noisy ones and the quiet ones and tell jokes to them.


5|  They are highly empathetic.

The reason why charming people are able to blend well in any crowd is that they are highly empathetic. They have the ability to understand the feelings and personalities of other people. Like chameleons, they are able to adapt to changes in their surroundings based on the behavior of people around them.

6|  They have good posture.

Body language plays a huge role in how people perceive you. An outstanding quality of charming people is how they carry themselves in public. They don’t slouch or drag themselves along. They walk with confidence (but don’t strut), and always appear alert when you see them.

7|  They are funny.

It doesn’t matter if their humor is dark or corny, or whether they are funny or crazy themselves. They don’t mind being a source of laughter, too. Humorous people reduce stress levels at the office by triggering the production of happy hormones in the body.

8|  They are kind to everybody.

Charming people are those who always pass the waiter test. We’ve all heard it—if you want to know a person’s true character, watch how he treats the waiter. Often, he calls them by their names and smiles at them. He treats them as equals. In the office, the charming guy is the one who tells jokes with the janitor and security guards who all know his first name.

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