This Local Coffee Empowers the T'Boli Every Time You Take a Sip

I’ve never had coffee from South Cotabato, particularly beans grown by the hands of the T’Boli people. As a heavy coffee drinker who prefers freshly ground robusta beans from Batangas, I was pleasantly serenaded by the earthy, nutty notes when I took a sip from my drip from The Deam Coffee PH. 

I was not aware arabica could taste like this. 

But then again, I’ve never had coffee grown from this part of the country. 

Sitio Kule, the T'Boli Community Where The Dream Coffee's Beans are Sourced

Single-Origin Philippine Arabica from the T’Boli Lands

We are the first to highlight the arabica of this particular origin, which is why we're very proud to share it. We also trade with farmers directly, and grow and process the coffee organically,” Larissa Joson of The Dream Coffee tells Esquire Philippines

“We produce only 100 percent single-estate, single-origin Philippine Arabica.”

T'Boli Farmers and Their Families


That means all of the beans of The Dream Coffee PH come from a single small mountain community in South Cotabato, which ensures not only the coffee’s quality but also helps the T’Boli families that plant, nurture, and harvest the coffee. 

“We directly trade with coffee farmers from T’Boli, but we also move through more than just a trade,” says Joson. 

The Dream Coffee

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“Farmers receive training in production and post-harvest processes to better their crop productivity and bean quality, in trade practices, and in managing their earnings through savings. They are also supported with equipment and financing to make their harvest more efficient.”

The Drip 

As a new way to help the farmers, The Coffee Dream PH launched a new product: The Drip.

The Drip


“This is a drip-bag style of coffee that we're calling "instant coffee that makes an impact." It helps traditional instant coffee drinkers begin their exploration into specialty coffee, because even without any brewing equipment, you still get direct trade and traceable single-origin coffee that packs on flavor,” says Joson. 

The Drip has a roast that is not too dark and not too mild, just enough to give you that bitter hit without losing the coffee flavor. 

8,000 Coffee Seedlings Planted

With the help of The Dream Coffee PH, more than 8,000 arabica coffee seedlings have been planted in 2020 in the T’Boli ancestral lands in South Cotabato. But it didn’t end there. 

The T’Boli farmers were provided with state-of-the-art equipment such as depulpers, a dehuller, a solar drying house, and a moisture meter for their post-harvest processes. These ensure that their harvests don’t go to waste. 

They were also trained on agricultural practices, post-harvest processing, coffee cupping, and financial management, and bookkeeping. Every Drip you sip literally passed through hardworking hands. 

Order your T’Boli coffee beans, coffee grounds, and drip from The Dream Coffee PH.

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