The Philippine Eagle Center Is No Longer as Safe as Before

Breeding pairs of eagles need to be relocated as soon as possible.

“The Philippine Eagle Center is no longer what it used to be,” the Philippine  Eagle Foundation (PEF) wrote in a statement. The Center is no longer as safe for breeding pairs of Philippine eagles as when the foundation was established nearly 30 years ago. With increased human activities surrounding the site, the Philippine eagles are put at higher risks of contracting diseases. 


“With significant landscape changes around the facility, the woodland that once surrounds it has thinned out. Furthermore, poultry and game farms are popping up around the PEC. These make the captive eagles vulnerable to zoonotic diseases,” wrote the PEF. 

The most alarming threat to the survival of the eagles is the Avian Flu, which could easily spread from nearby poultry farms surrounding the Philippine Eagle Center. 

“The activities in an adjacent farm lot are also causing distress to the eagle pairs. Rather than focusing on breeding, they become wary of their surroundings and on alert to protect their territory,” said the PEF. 


According to the PEF, the best solution is to transfer breeding eagles immediately from the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos to the Eden Tourism Reservation Area in Barangay Eden, Davao City.

Why do we need to relocate our breeding Philippine eagle pairs?


According to the PEF, the Philippine Eagle Center is no longer a viable site for the conservation breeding of Philippine eagles because of three major factors: first is the thinning out of woodland buffer, which is a landscape feature used to protect a sensitive area such as the Philippine Eagle Center from the impacts of development. 

Second, diseases from game and poultry farms around the Philippine Eagle Center can easily propagate diseases.  A single case of Avian flue can swiftly kill all of the 34 eagles in the conservation center. Just like any flu, the Avian flu is airborn, and has caused widespread culling of poultry in Magsaysay town in Davao del Sur, which is within 40 kilometers of the Philippine Eagle Center. 

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Third, disturbances in adjacent lots are stressing out the Philippine eagles, affecting their breeding. 


How to donate to support the transfer of Philippine eagles to a safer location

The Philippine Eagle Foundation has launched a campaign with the hashtag, #TransferBreedingEaglesNow, with a donation drive to realize the relocation of breeding eagles:

P500 – Provide food to the eagle pairs in the new facility

P1,000 – Support the keepers who will care for the eagles

P5,000 – Help build the perimeter fence around the eagles’ enclosures

P10,000 – Aid in the construction of the emergency facility

To donate, you may visit this link. 

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