Someone Invented a Toilet That Turns Your Poop Into Digital Currency

That puts a new spin on the phrase 'Do you think I shit money?' 

“What do you think I do, shit money?” 

The next time your mother scolds you with this phrase for squandering her wealth, you might just have a snappy comeback. 

An engineer at South Korea’s  Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has designed a toilet that turns your poop into digital currency. The inventor is Cho Jae-won, an urban and environmental engineering professor at the university. 

Jae-won’s BeeVi toilet uses a specialized vacuum pump that sends excrement into an underground tank, where all the feces are broken down into methane, which is used as fuel to power the building. This energy can also be used to run appliances such as convection stoves, water heaters, and smart TVs.

In an interview with Reuters, Jae-won said an average person defecates about 500g a day, which can be converted to 50 liters of methane gas. This is enough to generate 0.5kWh of electricity or be used to drive a car for about 1.2 kilometers.

But another interesting feature of the BeeVi toilet is its ability to convert poop into digital currency. 

According to the interview, Jae-won developed a digital currency called Ggool, which means honey in Korean. Students at the university will earn 10 Ggool a day for using the BeeeVi toilet. They can then use the digital currency to purchase food, supplies, and books inside the campus. All transactions are digital—students pay through QR codes using their phones. 


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