These Are Some of the Wrong Science Taught to Us in School

It’s time to unlearn these misconceptions.
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When you were in school, you didn’t know you were being taught wrong things about history and science, like the time your teacher told you a certain Agapito Flores invented the fluorescent lamp. Or the time you were told a Filipino invented the Moon Buggy. The following are misconceptions that you should also unlearn now.

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1|  We only use 10 percent of our brain.

This is a myth that has been widely misattributed to Albert Einstein, who allegedly said that humans only used 10 percent of their brain, and a person can harness the unused potential and increase intelligence. Brain scans already disproved this claim. At any given time, people’s brains are highly active across all its regions.

2|  Camels’ humps are storage for food and water.

Camels’ humps do not contain water or food. The humps are actually excess fat that the camels store so they can last in the desert.

3|  Eating carrots will improve your eyesight.

No, it will not. This myth was perpetuated by the British military during World War II. They spread a rumor that their soldiers had super keen eyesight that enabled them to spot enemy planes from miles away, when, in fact, they were using radar.

4|  The Great Wall of China is visible from space.

It is not. In fact, there are no human-made structures large enough to be visible from space without using a telescope. 

5|  We have five senses.

Actually, we have nine (some push it to 20), including the sense of temperature, sense of balance, sense of pain, and sense of acceleration, among others.  


6|  The tongue has different zones for different tastes.

The entire surface of your tongue can taste any flavor.

7|  The far side of the moon is always dark.

The far side of the moon, also called the dark side of the moon, is not actually dark. It receives the same amount of sunlight as the side facing the Earth.

8|  Bats are blind.

Bats have pretty good eyesight. They just use echolocation to have a better feel of their surroundings at night.

9|  Flies live only for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, flies have a lifespan of up to a month.

10|  Drinking alcoholic beverages kill your brain cells.

Of course not! In fact, moderate consumption of alcohol can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Cheers!

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