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“Eden,” the professor sternly said, “Calm down.” Eden’s words began warbling. “My death wasn’t an accident."
The first entry of Esquire Collective, a space that celebrates contributions from filmmakers, writers, poets, artists, and more.
In the third anthology of Growing Up Filipino, 25 Filipino authors explore youth, love, family, and heartache. From Yvette Fernandez, we present a tale of death and life from the eyes of innocents.
The author dedicates the short story to "the memory of Kian, Emmanuel, Myca, Kim, and countless others, and their nameless constellations in the gloaming."
Read an entry from Jose Dalisay's latest anthology of short stories Voyager and Other Fictions.
In City Stories, Esquire editor-at-large Sarge Lacuesta revisits his favorites from his own collection of stories written and published in a span of two decades.
A rich housewife has an affair with her personal trainer and heads back to her childhood home. Read an excerpt from Caroline S. Hau's Tiempo Muerto.
In the sealed section of our February 2017 issue, an excerpt from Ian Rosales Casocot's upcoming anthology Don’t Tell Anyone.
In the silence after the coitus, all things are possible. They could be lovers. They could be nothing at all.
From award-winning crime novelist F.H. Batacan, a story about a marriage.
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