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What Most Young Professionals Do to Achieve Work-Life Blending

The concept of “work-life balance” is completely subjective.

What Most Young Professionals Do to Achieve Work-Life Blending

The concept of “work-life balance” is completely subjective, which makes it a tenuous goal to shoot for. At its worst, the search for balance is an endlessly frustrating one, creating a tendency to view life as incomplete. You could lead a perfectly balanced life and still feel unfulfilled.

Here’s the bitter truth: a career, no matter what heights it reaches, may feel meaningless if it doesn’t engage your passions. And a life in pursuit of passion won’t have any weight if it doesn’t leave something of value behind. Instead of searching for work-life balance, the real key to personal fulfillment is enabling your passions to build your legacy. 

If you want to live your life the best way possible, you need to pursue your passions with the intent of creating something that will remain meaningful after you’re gone. Humans have an inherent need to leave a lasting impact on people—something they can be sure they’ll be remembered for fondly. Creating a legacy by doing what your heart desires is the very definition of a life well-lived.

There are five legacy-building areas that are universal to most people. Check each of these off your list, and odds are, you’ve got it made:

1. A fulfilling vocation

More than having a career, you need to have a job that gives you a sense of purpose and direction. Worthwhile work isn't just about the money; it needs to make you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile with your life, and it needs to align with your personal beliefs and priorities. Find your calling, that which brings meaning into your life and gives you opportunities to keep moving forward.

This is how one’s legacy is most easily built. Keeping an eye on the kind of legacy you want to leave behind in your personal life—be it by starting your own company or mentoring the next generation, for example—will help you develop a sense of purpose in what you do.

And if you’re in a field that suits your passions, the deep sense of fulfillment that comes with doing something that matters to you on a personal level is exactly what keeps you moving toward building that legacy.

2. Strong relationships

People find fulfillment in the relationships they keep. In fact, the most common reason people strive for “work-life balance” is so they can spend more time with the people they are most passionate about: family, friends, and perhaps, a significant other.

On a deeper level, we derive much of our self-worth from how we’re perceived by people who matter. Strong interpersonal relationships encourage self-affirmation, which in turn makes us feel more fulfilled as people. In building quality relationships with the right people, we get a better sense of where and who we are in life.

Most people don’t realize that quality relationships are legacies, too. The memories we leave behind with the people who matter most to us—and the stories about us they share to other people—are signs of the impact we’ve made on their lives. Knowing that we will always be regarded with fondness gives us a powerful sense of fulfillment.

3. Financial well-being

Reaping the fruits of your labor goes beyond merely being able to eat where you want to eat, traveling to exotic locales, and driving the car of your dreams. Your finances are another way to leave a legacy behind. With proper planning and portfolio management, you can get yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you're prepared for any scenario and that the future of your loved ones is secure.

4. Engagement with your community

People have an inherent need to feel like they belong in the communities they choose. The size and scope of said communities may vary, but it is absolutely crucial that it’s a subset of people you feel you can share your passions with.

It goes back to the earlier points of needing purpose and direction. Like your career, the people you surround yourself with need to give you a sense of achievement. Their values need to align with yours, and you need to collectively work towards affirming those values. You could do volunteer work, run for office, or get together every week to debate on the topics du jour.

What matters most is that you start to feel like you’re involved in something bigger than yourself and that you are working with others to build a legacy that is greater than anything you could have created on your own. Being part of that “greater whole” does wonders for your self-worth, and with self-worth, comes satisfaction.

5. Good health to enjoy it all

Even if everything else is in place, you aren’t quite living the kind of life you should aspire for if your health is suffering. You need to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you can fully enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Mental and emotional health count, too, so it isn’t as simple as having regular checkups and exercising. Investing in little things that make you feel at peace, like a spa day or a good haircut, is part of appreciating what life has to offer.

When you’re in peak health, you make sure that the meaningful memories you create with people are at best, too. The legacy you leave behind won’t be one of extended stays at the hospital or mental deterioration; it’ll be being remembered as one strong and vibrant individual.

Getting yourself to a place where you can fulfill all five of these important areas of your life can be harder than it looks. For some, it takes an entire lifetime. You need a combination of time, energy, and things going your way in order to pull this off—and that’s only if you’re able to get all your other concerns out of the way.

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