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Love Notes #1: Aia de Leon
An unsung song from the former frontwoman of Imago

"Rericha: From the private journals of Aia de Leon"

How old are you?"

25. Too young? :)"

Hahaha. Yeah."

We should meet anyway."


You were a better thief than they who belong in my mind.


Quite strange these days, how I don’t count them anymore

Count those who will have come, and who will have loved me so.

They, who I proudly created; The elite—“What could’ve been” fraternity.

You snuck in undaunted, stealing their power and my eternity.



You were a better pirate than they who live in my mind.


5024 miles removed, yet you dwell in my space like your own.

You raided my ‘scape hatchets, and pillaged my plan b’s throne

When you set your anchors, you have set me free and whole

From those in my mind who hold me captive, you build my home.



You were a better carnivore of my persistent maybes.


What if—Is the toxin that runs through my veins.

Could be—Is the opiate that burns my brains.

Your timing is creepy, you say the right thing

When I’m about to run, you know when to rein me in. 



Aia de Leon is a singer-songwriter, and was the frontwoman for the band Imago. “Rericha" means Watercress. It has nothing to do with the content of this series,” she explains.

"Rericha" is part of a series of unsung songs written by musicians as love letters, part of an upcoming book.

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