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Andres Bonifacio Has Things to Say to Today's Filipinos
Courage, faith, honor, and then more courage.
IMAGE Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo facebook page


Andres Bonifacio
(November 30, 1863 to May 10, 1897)
Founder of the Katipunan

Believe in the Creator with all your heart.

Remember always that a sincere faith in Him involves love of your native land, because this shows true love for your fellow man.

Carve into your heart the conviction that to die for the liberation of the country is the highest honor and fortune.

Calmness, perseverance, reason, and hope will guarantee that you will achieve your good intentions.

Guard the instructions and plans of the Katipunan as you would guard your own honor.

Anyone who is in danger while carrying out their duties will be protected by all, and rescued even at the cost of life and riches.

Let each of us strive to set a good example for others to follow as we perform our duties.

Share whatever you can with those who are in need.

Diligence at work is how one loves and values oneself, his spouse, children and brothers and compatriots.

Believe this: Traitors will be punished and good deeds will be rewarded.  Believe, too, that the aims of the Katipunan are blessed by the Almighty, for the will of the people is also His will.                      


The enemy has shown marked cowardice and base conduct by torturing and killing multitudes of civilians. Their burning of the towns here, their desecration of the purity of our women without regard to their weakness, the murder of the old and of helpless infants—these acts are not those of any man of honor and courage.  They cry out for vengeance and justice.

After the enemy assault, you may perhaps be found lifeless on the field of battle, but this is an honorable legacy for our country, for our race and for our family.  

Your dying breath will be the breath that gives life to our nation and will serve as a loving memory to your brothers whom you leave behind.


You must realize that the reason why we give our life and all that we have, is for us to be able to hold and to cherish the much-desired liberty of our nation, which will bring peace and avenge our lost honor.


Will cowardice touch your heart and will you be reluctant to face death? No, no!  


Therefore, my brothers, ready yourselves to fight and be assured of victory.  Our side is in the right.  Our deeds are noble.  They are fighting for the wrong.  They are here usurping and oppressing a nation that is not theirs.

So that the world may recognize our nobility, let us not imitate our enemies in debasing the conduct of war. Let us not fight and kill merely for the sake of killing. Rather, let us do so in defense of the liberty of our Nation.  Sons of the People, receive our close embrace, and let us shout with all our might: “Mabuhay! Mabuhay ang Haring Bayang Katagalugan!”


Taken from Andres Bonifacio's "Decalogue" (c.1896); and “Marahas na mga Anak ng Bayan” (speech, 1897).

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