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Esquire Philippines checks in with the ageless action star and chats with him about all his acting process, his big acting “renaissance,” and why he’s never been linked to anybody besides his wife.
Some notes from a young woman condemned to the psychorrrors of this patriarchal world.
How an ancient wisdom helped me piece together my fractured life.
Quark’s new position in Amazon Prime Video places him squarely in a corner office of the Asian streaming platform industry, but more importantly, it puts him in a quarterback position in the global-facing aspect of Filipino entertainment.
"It's not really a mere rent-paying job or bill-paying job, it fills up my passion and feeds my soul."
That's the Eraserheads, for you. They were never made to fade into oblivion.
Venice Film Festival darling Soliman Cruz follows in the footsteps of the great character actors of our time. Now, he sits down with Esquire Philippines to talk about his prolific film career, life in the Filipino theater, and his newfound superstardom.
“It’s okay to be afraid, as long as we do not cave in to cowardice.”
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