Original 'Bad Luck Brian' Meme Photo Sells for P1.8 Million

Looks like Bad Luck Brian got lucky.

The guy behind the meme “Bad Luck Brian” seems to have lucked out after he decided to sell the original photo of the classic internet meme for a whopping P1.8 million ($37,000). 

The photo in question is that of Kyle Craven himself, who became an internet celebrity in 2012 when his school photo was unearthed and posted on Reddit and has since become an internet staple of depicting some of the most unfortunate (but usually fictional) events. Below are some examples of how the Bad Luck Brian meme is used. 


How Bad Luck Brian Sold for So Much

If you haven’t heard of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), you should consider brushing up on the latest craze after dogecoin and bitcoin. NFTs are crypto-art that sell online for ungodly sums. They are pieces of digital tokens that essentially certify a piece of digital artwork is real and not interchangeable with any other. Bad Luck Brian recently sold for 20 Ethereum, which is roughly the equivalent of P1.8 million. 

It was sold at a digital art sale marketplace where various NFTs fetch for so much more. Although the sale of Bad Luck Brian was a significant windfall, its price was pretty much average when it comes to NFTs. 

Recently, the original digital artwork Nyan Cat, another famous internet icon, traded hands for $600,000 (P29 million). 

In March 2021, a Beeple NFT sold for $69 million (P3.34 billion) at an auction, but at the rate NFT sales are going, no one knows if that record-setting price will hold for long. 

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