Do Not Let This Clever Credit and Debit Card Scam Fool You

This scam was planned by geniuses.

On August 23, Jaime Zulueta received a text message that alleges to be from Bancnet informing him of an unauthorized withdrawal of P6,000 from his bank account. At first glance, the text message looks authentic, especially because it supposedly originated from a trusted interbank network.

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The text reads: 


"PHP 6,015.00 at 18:48:52 on 08/23/20 was just withdrawn from your account. If you did not perform this transaction, please IMMEDIATELY verify your account at or call our hotline at 800 890 0623 to reverse the process.

Photo by Jaime Zulueta.

But when Zulueta checked, it was a very clever phishing scam. Phishing is the act of “fishing” for sensitive information with the goal of stealing the credentials to your accounts (e-mail, bank accounts, social media accounts, etc.). Once stolen, phishers can gain access to your accounts and steal your money or impersonate you. 


Just to show you, we accessed the link shown in the text message. 

First, the phishing site will ask for a photo of your valid ID. The shrewd designers even put the banner of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to fool you. 

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.

We took a picture of our keyboard just to get to the next step. Once uploaded, the site will ask for a photo of your credit or debit card. 

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.
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Then, the final step will ask for your phone number. 

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.

“The scam was launched on a weekend so that hotlines do not work. You will be forced to go click the link,” said Zulueta. 

Zulueta told Esquire Philippines the phishers were able to use the name "Bancnet" by applying for the name at Globe and Smart and sends the spoofing message to targeted audiences. A similar phishing scam campaign using the name of UnionBank and BPI was detected a few months back. 

“Users with or without mobile banking are targeted. Anyone with a debit card or credit card can fall victim,” he added. 

Below is the post by Zulueta. 


Jaime Zulueta is head of Credit and Risk at Advance Tech Lending, Inc

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