Elon Musk Has Pissed Off So Many People That There's a Cryptocurrency Called 'StopElon'

More fame, more enemies.

Richer than God, shameless, and unapologetic, Elon Musk finds himself embroiled in controversy after controversy. His commercial space war with Jeff Bezos is known far and wide, and he isn't afraid to publicy insult the richest man in the world by saying he lacks balls.

With just his Tweets, Musk has been manipulating the cryptocurrency depending on his whims. The market's "invisible hand" might as well belong to Musk as his short Tweets have managed to cause Dogecoin to soar and BitCoin to rally.

But you can't be this wealthy, rich, and loud without creating a few enemies, of which Musk has plenty. In fact, they've recently rallied to create a new cryptocurrency called "STOPELON." Well, that definitely got the message across.

STOPELON's value has reportedly surged by 1,800 percent in just 24 hours. Granted, its value is close to nothing, currently at $0.0000540526. But it's already got a market cap of over $17 million.


According to the crypto's website, STOPELON was created to "destroy the biggest market manipulator of them all." Yup, no sugarcoating anything there.

"He’s toying with people’s portfolio like candy, like the narcissistic billionaire he is and always will be," said the very pissed off team behind the crypto. "We say ENOUGH. Hence, we created $STOPELON. Where we get rich, without anyone controlling our fate except ourselves."

Of course, this cryptocurrency is only the beginning of STOPELON's four-phase game plan. Their endgame? To gain "full control of Tesla stock" and "fly to fucking Pluto."

Well, you certanily can't say they're not ambitious. 

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