10 Best Business Books to Give this Holiday Season

The gift of wisdom is always the best kind of gift.

We’re a few days away from Christmas and if you still can’t decide which gift to get for your friends, family, boss, or colleagues in the business circle, maybe this list can help you get through.

Here are the 10 Best Business Books to give as gifts this holiday season

1| 12 Strategies of Franchising


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Written by the leaders of Francorp Philippines—Dr. Samie Lim, Dr. Bing Sibal-Limjoco, Sam Christopher Lim and Noel Siggaoat—this is the first ever book that showcases over 25 Filipino franchise brands such as Jollibee, The Generics Pharmacy, Potato Corner, Goldilocks, Turks, and more. The book shares the companies’ top 12 strategies that can help you tread the path of franchising. Created for entrepreneurs, the book is both new and established, with a common ambition to grow from one to many through franchising.

2| Franchising: ASEAN Edition


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Also from Francorp, Franchising: ASEAN Edition will give you a bigger perspective about the hows of franchising and its impact to the ASEAN economy. Written with Francorp Chairman Don Boroian, the book features a step-by-step procedure in getting your business ready to franchise, from understanding your franchisability to preparing your organization and more.

You may avail of the 12 Strategies of Franchising and Franchising: ASEAN Edition with a bundle price of P995

3| The Franchise Relationships Book of Tips

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Written by world-renowned Franchise Relationships guru Greg Nathan, this book of tips is filled with thought-provoking stories, research insights, and practical strategies on how to be a great franchisor and a better human being. This is the best gift for entrepreneurs, franchisors, and businesspeople in your circle who work closely with franchisees to help them create successful franchise partnerships. 

4| The Franchise E-Factor


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Also written by Greg Nathan, “The Franchise E-Factor” is the world’s most popular book on how to achieve and sustain a healthy franchise relationship. This book is all about the franchise E-factor model, which has helped thousands of franchisors, franchisees, and franchise advisers all around the world in building healthy franchise relationships within the franchise network. If you are planning to buy your friend or relative who is a franchisor or works within a franchise system, this book will definitely help them with its over 130 practical strategies on franchise relationship success.

5| Profitable Partnerships


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Regarded as one of the best business books on franchise relationships, Profitable Partnerships by Greg Nathan is the perfect gift for both new and seasoned franchisors and franchisees. The book is brimming with practical ideas, checklists, and inspirational stories that will definitely uphold the win-win relationship between franchisee and franchisor.

6| Franchisors Guide to Improving Field Visits


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Also by Greg Nathan, this is a valuable handbook for both franchise executives and field managers. Backed by years of research and study of real world franchise businesses, this book puts franchise field visits under the spotlight and shows how to improve the effectiveness of this crucial link between franchisors and franchisees. It contains the six-step process in improving field visits and it identifies the eight specific functions of the field manager and explains how to properly support field managers so they don’t just survive, but thrive in their job.

7| The Mavericks


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Written by Josiah Go, a best-selling author and The Marketing Mentor, The Mavericks will help its readers learn from the 35 marketing mavericks on thinking, strategizing, and executing for success. These experts are from Francorp Philippines, Mont Albo, Bibingkinitan, Jollibee Foods Corporation, and many other successful brands. This book is the gift you should give to your best friends who are in business and marketing.

8| Entrepreneurship: Starting an Enterprise. Having an Innovation Mindset


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This book, also written by Josiah Go, is a great tool to help in progressing through the entrepreneurial journey from preparation, marketing, execution, to self-leadership. This is the perfect gift to give to new and established entrepreneurs as well as franchisors and franchisees.


9| Yes, The Filipino Brand Can!


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Written by Sherill Quintana, founder and president of Oryspa Spa Solutions, Inc., Yes, The Filipino Brand Can! is all about how 10 Filipino brands were able to expand and make it in the international market. This book shares the mindset and strategies of successful Filipino entrepreneurs and brand builders. You can give this as a gift to your family, colleagues, and friends.


10| Franchise Talk 2020 Edition


Get the digital copy here for FREE.

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As 2020 marks the start of a new decade, let’s take a look back into franchise innovations and trends of the past 10 years and how it has shaped our industry today. Discover the latest in the Philippine franchise industry, get expert insights and advice, in-depth features, and exclusive stories featuring the hottest franchise brands in food, service, and retail in this Franchise Talk 2020 issue.

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