Is 5G Better Than WiFi in the Philippines? Opensignal Thinks So

5G connections are typically faster than WiFi connections, according to OpenSignal.

If you think you’re getting faster internet speeds using 5G mobile signal than WiFi, you’re not imagining things. 

A report by mobile analytics company Opensignal says internet users in the Philippines are experiencing up to 5.3 times faster download speeds than WiFi and up to 8.8 times faster than 4G.


The Philippines Has Third Slowest 5G Speed in Asia Pacific, Report Says

There's a Clear Winner in the Telco Wars, According to Opensignal 

Average download speed was at 138.6 Mbps for 5G, according to the report. 

“Clearly, the arrival of 5G changes the balance between cellular and WiFi connectivity—as 5G cellular connections are typically faster than on WiFi, whereas WiFi has the advantage when cellular users are connected to 4G,” the report read. 

Although WiFi has traditionally been the more superior connection compared to 4G mobile, 5G now means WiFi isn’t always superior to cellular. 

“In fact, average 5G download speeds are faster than Wifi and 5G currently enables the best experience in the Philippines on average when playing multiplayer mobile games or streaming video,” according to the report.

Filipino gamers, in particular, reported better experience when playing multiplayer mobile games on smartphones when connected to 5G than on WiFi. 5G Games Experience was at 62.5 points, which was slightly above the 59.5 points of WiFi Games Experience. 

As for video experience, 5G scored 68.6 points versus WiFi at 47.7 points.

The Opensignal report stressed, however, that WiFi will continue to have an important role, especially when backing up files and downloading large apps due to the low cost of data it provides compared to mobile plans.


More has to be done also to expand 5G services especially since it is not yet widely available in many parts of the country.

“(O)ur 5G users in the Philippines (are) connected to 5G 13 percent of the time and were on average connected to a 5G signal in four out of 10 locations they visited in the 90-day period starting on 1st March 2022,” the report said.

WiFi users also need to have their devices upgraded in order to improve their experience. 

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