5 Business Books to Give this Holiday Season


As people of business, we strive to carry the mindset of always learning new things and ways to improve our craft and to educate and inspire others as well. If you are looking for a gift for your friends, family, boss, colleagues in the business circle, or even for yourself, here are five business books to include in your checklist. 


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1| The Business Coach


This book by Bradley Sugars, founder and chairman of ActionCOACH, the world’s No. 1 Business Coaching Firm, is the ultimate guide for those who want to coach business owners and entrepreneurs or for those who want to put themselves in the “hands” of a business coach so they can run their own business like a champion.

With the goal to share the secret to success, this book will educate you on how to master the six steps to business success, how to run your business more efficiently and effectively, and how to grow your business fast while enjoying the process.


2| Instant Sales


If you believe that this is the right time to unleash the inner salesperson in you, this book is a must-read. Sugars, who became a multimillionaire by age 26, has written about invaluable techniques for infusing your business with a powerful sales ethic and creating super sales success. 

The book will help deliver sales quotes that instill trust in prospects, provide the kind of service that keeps customers coming back, assist you to master the first crucial minute of any sales call, and set up a point-of-sale system they can’t ignore. 

3| Instant Team Building


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Don’t you want to just say goodbye to clockwatchers and say hello to your dream team? People resource is the most important aspect in running a successful business and this book will help you create the dream team you’ve been looking for.

Here, Sugars explains all the elements that contribute to a great team. He walks you through the process of finding and assembling a team of motivated, compatible employees who will help you take your business to new heights of productivity, profitability, and fun. 

4| Instant Cashflow



Money is the lifeblood of every business and this book makes sure that your business doesn’t ever run dry. Instant Cashflow contains helpful ways to identify your company’s hidden “gold mines,” dramatically boost your bottom line, and get on the fast track to big profits.

The book will help you discover crystal clear, bite-sized tips on how to generate hundreds of promising new leads, increase your conversion rate of leads to sales, maximize the value of your average sale, and measure your results and fine-tune your best strategies that can be put to work in your business immediately. 


5| 12 Strategies of Franchising


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The “12 Strategies of Franchising” is the first ever book to showcase over 25 Filipino franchise brands. The book is created for entrepreneurs, both new and established, with a common ambition to grow from one to many through franchising.?

From the basics of "Being Guided by the Franchisability Criteria" (Strategy 1), to insights on how to "Keep it Simple" (Strategy 2), and from brands such as Potato Corner and Waffle Time, to "Setting a Clear Vision" (Strategy 4) as The Generics Pharmacy grew from one to 2,000, the book reveals the secrets to exponential franchise growth.

More established entrepreneurs can learn how to "Focus on Core Competencies: Contract Out the Rest" (Strategy 7) from Bibingkinitan and "Exploring New Income Streams" (Strategy 11) from Island Souvenirs and the SumoSam Group, to "Expanding Internationally" (Strategy 12) from Jollibee, Penshoppe, Max's, Bench, Mineski, and many more. With stories and lessons from over 25 brands, this book allows you to get a headstart into franchise success. 

BONUS TIP: You can also download the Franchise Talk 2022 magazine for free via this link to get the latest updates on new franchise brands, success stories amid the pandemic, and special features.

Stay updated with the latest business and franchise publications and educational seminars at www.francorp.com.ph. 

Sam Christopher Lim is the current President of the Philippine Franchise Association; CEO of Francorp Philippines; Co-author of 12 Strategies for Franchising book; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and Chairman for ActionCOACH Philippines.

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