Eminem Just Paid P23 Million For This NFT

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If you’ve been following him on Twitter, superstar Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) recently changed his profile picture to a Bored Ape that was confirmed to be purchased from artist GeeGazza. Eminem joins other famous ‘Apes’ including Post Malone, Steph Curry, Adidas Originals and many more.  

Following in the footsteps of Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z, when Mr. Carter changed his pfp to a crypto punk earlier this year.  It’s getting harder to say we’re super early anymore, but this is definitely great news for the BAYC and the NFT Community in general.  Looking forward to an awesome 2022. We will share more details as they arise.

Reports say Eminem paid nearly $450,000 (around P23 million) for the NFT, which he bought from GeeGazza. The image Eminem purchased was a Bored Ape Yacht Club that resembles the rap artist himself. He’s already used the image in his Twitter profile

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, was born in Missouri in 1972 and grew up in a trailer park in Detroit. He was raised by his mother who worked two to three jobs and lived a life of poverty throughout his childhood years. At some point he even became homeless when his mom couldn’t make ends meet.

Of course, everyone know he soon emerged as one of the most successful rappers in history, with his first album The Slim Shady LP debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. He is considered one of the best-selling artists in the 2000s, with 13 Grammys. His songs are mostly about his life, but also about social issues like poverty, drugs and violence.


The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has a popular collection of over 10,000 unique Bored Apes and is created by Yuga Labs. It has generated more than over $1 billion (P51 billion) in sales and its NFTs are owned and being collected by famous celebrities like NBA icon Steph Curry, music artist Post Malone, and American TV host Jimmy Fallon, as well as global brands like Adidas.

Big name auction houses like Sotheby’s have also jumped into the NFT craze, which is a sign that these digital assets will most likely be here to stay. Using blockchain technology, whoever owns these digital objects like images, videos or even in-game items can use NFTs (non fungible tokens) as proof of ownership.




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