Zuckerberg's Nightmare: Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Are Crashing Around the World

People are complaining around the world.

It would suck to be Mark Zuckerberg right now.

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are crashing around the world with reports of bugs, delays, and even total blackouts for what’s estimated to be thousands, and perhaps millions, of users.

With the sheer number of users on all three apps, we’re sure many are freaking out—and annoyed—right now. The main source of communication and information for many people is crashing at the most inopportune time—during a pandemic when many countries are enforcing lockdown.

The U.K. and Central Europe seem to be the target of these issues, but the Philippines is also being negatively impacted, as well as parts of Australia, Bangladesh, and Japan.

According to Downdetector, which crowdsources online outage data around the world, the problem was first noticed at around 5 p.m. Philippine time, when people began reporting glitches on Messenger. It has only escalated since then, with issues now affecting Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Downdetector.
Photo by Downdetector.
Photo by Downdetector.


Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram are all run by Mark Zuckerberg through Facebook Inc., but Zuckerberg’s other major messaging platform WhatsApp seems to be unaffected by the issue. For now. Is it a server error? A global hack? Facebook has yet to confirm.

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Our minds are spinning, but one thing is for sure: Zuckerberg is in hot water—again. This doesn’t even take into account the heat he’s been getting from American lawmakers for allegations of trying to monopolize social media.

This major app crash is happening just as a U.S. antitrust lawsuit is pushing Zuckerberg to divest Instagram and WhatsApp and essentially break up the tech billionaire’s online empire.

Rough day, Zuckerberg?

On the tech side of things, it’s easy to see why running multiple giant social media companies might not be the best idea. Because, as we’re seeing right now, when one falls, so do the others.

While everyone’s ire is directed at Facebook and Instagram, iMessage and Telegram are now topping Twitter’s trending topics. This might be a nightmare for Zuckerberg, but clearly a win for his competitors.

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