Filipinos Have Been Shopping For Food and Music Online More Than Anything, According to Study


Twitter is sharing some insights on its latest study on Filipino online buying behavior. Specifically, how it's changed during the pandemic period. And, it's found that our priorities have changed... for the better? Maybe.

According to the study, 81 percent of users have bought grooming products such as shampoo and conditioner in the last month. The two products were followed by cleaning products, laundry products, deodorant, and snacks. Mostly essentials. See, we're going somewhere.

So, it's not a surprise that the study found that Filipino online shoppers are smart shoppers in the sense that we do our research before clicking the checkout button. In fact, 69 percent do proper research and 55 percent from that number relied on social media for information.

The most interesting part of the study, however, was that Filipinos were most into music and food. It's a common ground that both male and female online consumers have. But, males were more into technology (82 percent) and gadgets (79 percent) ahead of both categories.

Unsurprisingly, the study found that Filipinos like free delivery. (Who doesn't?) 67 percent were more inclined to purchase something if delivery fees were free. Additionally, we also really really love sales. Twitter found that users talked about the 9/9, 10/10, and 11/11 sales before it actually began and even several days later.

"There’s no doubt that shopping conversations on Twitter are increasing across Southeast Asia. While we see peaks in the lead-up to eCommerce days and for a few days after, shopping is a year-round conversation on Twitter. As people are shifting more to eCommerce and mCommerce, we see this conversational trend continuing to grow rapidly," says Twitter Southeast Asia managing director Arvinder Gujral.


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