Filipino Workers Want Job Security and Work-Life Balance More Than Anything Else


In part two of the Decoding Global Talent report by JobStreet Philippines, Boston Consulting Global, SEEK Asia, and The Network, research shows that more than anything else, Filipino workers want job security and work-life balance in these uncertain times.

According to JobStreet’s “Ultimate Guide to Work Trends 2021,” the top three priorities of the 15,178 Filipino workers surveyed are: job security, good work-life balance, and good relationship with superior, in that order.

This is slightly different than the results of the same survey in 2018, when Filipino respondents preferred learning and skills training as their third top priority instead of a good relationship with a superior. Compared to the global priorities list, the only difference would be that most workers around the world prioritize good relationships with colleagues over job security.

Here's what's important to Filipino workers:

Photo by JobStreet Philippines.

Not only did we learn that Filipino workers put value in job security and work-life balance, but also that 49 percent of Filipino workers would rather work from home completely for five days a week. This is higher than the global average of 24 percent. Meanwhile, 48 percent of Filipinos would prefer a combination of remote and on-site work if given the choice. And only four percent would want to work completely on-site every work day.  

The report also found that Filipino workers are more values-minded as 83 percent of those surveyed said that environmental responsibility of the companies they work for are very important. This is higher than the global average of 69 percent. Meanwhile, 85 percent of Filipinos also consider diversity and inclusion to be important, versus the global average of 64 percent.

In terms of skills, JobStreet’s report found that the Philippines was one of the few countries where every working dimension was affected positively. The following areas of work improved with most workers working at home: use of digital tools, flexibility in when and where to work, effectiveness, team collaboration, work-life balance, wellbeing of employees, and quality and style of leadership. In stark contrast, the global outlook saw a decrease in team collaboration, work-life balance, wellbeing of employees, and leadership, a trend that thankfully, the Philippines as a whole did not follow.

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