Filipinos Are Most Common Business Owners in the U.K.


It’s often been said that Filipinos are resilient and resourceful. Put them anywhere in the world and they’ll flourish and grow and eventually make something of themselves. 

This has never been more evident than in a recent study conducted by ETX Capital about business owners in the United Kingdom. Using data of over 200,000 business owners in the U.K. compiled from Companies House, the study found that the largest group of business owners there (outside of those who said they were British or English, of course) are actually Filipinos. A total of 5,090 business owners, or 2.65 percent of those who participated in the survey, reported their nationality as Filipino. 

According to Statista, about 53,000 Filipinos were living in the U.K. in 2021, a drop from about 75,000 in in 2020.

Following closely at number two are Chinese entrepreneurs, with 4,178 or 2.17 percent. Elsewhere in the top 20 are other Asian nationalities: Pakistani and Indian at fourth and fifth, respectively; Turkish at ninth; and Bangladeshi at 20th.

Still, the top 20 are dominated by European nationalities, led by Romanian at third, Irish at sixth, Polish at seventh, Italian at eighth, and French at 10th, with Spanish, Bulgarian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Lithuanian also represented in the list. Two nationalities from Africa made the cut: Morocco at 11th and Nigeria at 12th, while only one came from the North America: the U.S., at number 15.

Just for comparison, nearly two thirds (about 66.8 percent) of these business owners report their nationality as British, with another 3.3 percent reporting their nationality as English.


See the full list here:

Photo by ETX Capital.


In the list of business owners by country of residence—again, not counting those who reported living in the U.K. (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)—Filipinos, unsurprisingly came out on top once again. A total of 4,984 (or 2.59 percent) of the survey respondents said they resided in the Philippines, followed by 2,666 (1.39 percent) from China; 1,155 (0.60 percent) from Morocco, 969 (0.50 percent) from Pakistan; and 764 (0.40 percent) from the U.S.

See the full list here:

Photo by ETX Capital.
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According to the report, what the study shows “is a great demonstration of the United Kingdom's continuing diversity when it comes to its businesses. People from all over globe are contributing to the country's economy and in return they're seeing their own goals and dreams come to life.”


The primary source of this study is Companies House's ‘people with significant control (PSC) snapshot'. From this data we collated a sample of over 200,000 people.

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