Relax, There's Affordable Insurance that Covers Dengue and COVID-19

GCash teams up with Singlife for a plan that focuses entirely on dengue.
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From a population of over 100 million, only five to six percent of the insurable population own a life insurance plan. The Philippines is a country that’s still growing its insured population, with more and more Filipinos becoming attracted to purchasing a policy, especially during times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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While many insurance companies have digitized their procedures, with some fully migrating to online applications, there is still a level of intimidation when it comes to approaching insurance agents and getting a policy. This is the problem that mobile insurer Singlife is here to solve through its new partnership with GCash that will bring affordable insurance products to Filipinos.

“This partnership comes at a crucial time when health and financial security are a priority. Leveraging Singlife’s technology and offerings, we have an opportunity to provide more Filipinos with meaningful life insurance products that can effectively protect them and secure their financial well-being,” said GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon.

GCash and Singlife’s first product together is Cash for Dengue Costs, which will protect the insurer from mild to severe cases of dengue. According to GCash, this is the first of its kind of the market as it’s focused entirely on dengue. You can customize the coverage depending on your coverage level, payment terms, and whether you want to cover your whole family. To make it even more relevant, there is also a free COVID-19 rider, which still protects the insured from the costs of the pandemic.

Photo by GCash.

Photo by GCash.

Through the GCash app, you can pay, view, manage, and file claims for your policy. The product is available in the GCash Insurance Marketplace, along with a full suite of insurance plans for Filipinos from Singlife.

“What makes Singlife’s products different is that they are designed to be meaningful: offering basic protection that is easy to purchase, easy to manage, and easy to maintain. We do not have anything to hide and that makes it possible to be transparent and clear. You can always ensure that our solutions fit your financial needs, and that you are not bound by long-lasting contracts preventing you from optimizing the value of the product. Singlife empowers you to be in control.” said Singlife Philippines President and CEO Rien Hermans.

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