14 Sites For Home-Based Online Jobs in the Philippines in the Time of Coronavirus


Suck at money? Congrats. You’re part of the 99 percent of people in their 20s floundering when it comes to finance. Adulting is hard, and money is harder—especially when it’s your own and not your parents. My Two Cents is here to break down everything you need to know about finance, business, and entrepreneurship. We’ll tackle all the basics, from how to get a business permit to how to invest in stocks, to educate the fledgling adults on how to not go broke.

Welcome to the idiot’s guide to money. Lesson No. 27: finding home-based online jobs in the Philippines in this troubling time of coronavirus.

This one’s for the new graduates and the newly unemployed who now have the great challenge of finding a job during quarantine. COVID-19 has caused much fear, some in terms of health, but also in terms of livelihood and stability. Quarantine is essential to flattening the curve, but it’s caused many sacrifices and broken dreams.

Some people now find themselves unemployed after being laid off by businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic. Fresh grads who once aimed to land their dream jobs now have to put their ambitions on hold as companies deprioritize recruitment. And others find themselves struggling to get by during quarantine when their workplace has a no-work-no-pay scheme.

These are truly hard times, perhaps the hardest any of us have had to face in our lifetime. No greater crisis has occurred in the 21st century, but if we are to get by, it will take all the gumption and grit we can muster. One way to survive this year is through online jobs that can let you work from home and earn income. For those who have been derailed from their career track, online jobs can help you get by in these troubling times, and it can help you save money while you’re at it. At least you don’t have to go through the mental, physical, and financial exhaustion of commuting when you have a home-based online job.


There are a number of online jobs (full-time and project-based) for writers, graphic designers, social media managers, marketers, advertising professionals, software engineers, web designers, animators, video editors, ecommerce specialists, SEO specialists, tech support, online English teachers, customer representatives, virtual assistants, app developers, and so much more. You are bound to find a job that requires the skills you have whether you’re an amateur or an expert.

If you plan to have a full-time online job, project-based employment, or simply full-time freelancing, here are 14 websites that can greatly alleviate your struggles in this time of coronavirus.


1| Upwork

One of the most popular freelance websites, UpWork focuses on connecting businesses with freelancers who have specific skills, such as Blockdhain, UX design, and more.

2| Outsourcely

Connecting more than 400,000 workers remote workers from 180 countries, Outsourcely is an international platform for more than 50,000 startups that need staff.

3| Freelancer

Freelance is sort of like the Craigslist for freelancers, but less sketchy. Most openings are project-based and freelancers are usually paid by the hour.


4| OnlineJobs

This platform connects businesses in countries like the U.S. to workers in the Philippines willing to accept rates lower than U.S. workers.

5| Outsourced

Similar to OnlineJobs, Outsourced is an online BPO based in Australia. Some of the platform’s clients in the past have included Yamaha, Fox Sports, and more.

6| Remote Staff

Another Australian-founded platform, Remote Staff accepts applicants with at least three years of experience to work for its wide variety of businesses.

7| Virtual Coworker

Smaller than the others on this list, Virtual Coworker has placed around 1,500 staff with its 1,000 plus clients, many of which are from the U.S., Australia, Canada, and more.

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8| Virtual Staff Finder

This platform has serviced over 4,000 clients that sought out anything from SEO specialists, podcasters, and internet marketers.

9| HomeJobs

One of the bigger platforms, HomeJobs has been featured on CNN, ANC, GMA, and just about every big network you can think of. It’s not just hype—its fame is justified with over one million professionals in its arsenal.

10| PhilTeamFinder

Focusing more on full-time placements, PhilTeamFinder is a favorite among single moms. The winning factor with this platform is that any training you need is fully shouldered by the site.

Niche Sites

11| 5Star VAs

This site specializes in matching virtual assistants to its clients abroad where virtual assistants are in high demand for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

12| Scribbloo

If you want to focus on writing, Scribbloo is a job site that specializes in every type of writing style, whether that’s lifestyle, fiction, technical, etc.

13| 51Talk

English teachers are high in demand around the world, and the Philippines, with its large population of fluent English speakers, has become a hotspot for online English teachers.

14| BizMates

Like 51Talk, BizMates focuses on English teaching jobs, but with a niche audience made up of Japanese professionals who need to learn business English for work.


While all of these sites can be of great help to you, make sure to double check every job posting and approach these opportunities with caution to avoid getting scammed.

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