ING Pay Is The Flexible Bank Account That Gives You More Time

Frictionless, cashless, and easy, the new bank account by ING adapts to the needs of a post-pandemic world.   
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The wheels of life are greased by money, and that’s why much of your time is consumed by it: making it, saving it, using it, worrying about it. It’s also why the bliss of a Saturday morning is interrupted by the need to manage money. You visit the bank, money center, or ATM (if you don’t have the tools to do it from bed), and you need to get up and accomplish all of that ahead of the things that you really want to do like, maybe, sleeping in, finishing a book, or, if you are that person, going to the gym. 

ING has been working to bring balance to life. The financial institution, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in the country this year, launched ING Save, the all-digital mobile banking platform (the first in the Philippines) loaded with a host of modern conveniences (no fees and minimum balance) in 2018. And now, it continues its great mission to minimize the friction of banking by introducing a new bank account, ING Pay. 

What is ING Pay?

Hans Sicat, country manager of ING, says the bank has always been about self-reliance and freedom. “People are happiest when they do their thing,” he shares during the virtual presentation of its latest offering. 

To that end, ING Pay offers flexibility (and, of course, security) in managing your money with more digital transactions via the ING app. All that you expect from a modern bank account are here: bill payments to keep the lights on, real-time transfers for sending money to family, and even a virtual debit card for shopping. 


ING Pay has more than 70 pre-enrolled billers, including utilities, credit cards, insurance companies. As well, its transfer function uses InstaPay and PESOnet. According to the bank, there are no fees when moving money outward (from ING Pay to another bank), but there may be fees when transferring money into the account (from another bank to ING Pay). And when using InstaPay, you can transfer P50,000 per transaction (up to P1 million in total), which is much more than the daily limit of most banks.

Much like ING Save, opening an account is easy, with no minimum amount required. You start the process by simply downloading the ING app. 

What makes ING Pay different from other bank accounts?

The previous are the standards, but ING Pay offers more unique services that will make you question your current setup. Mohamed Keraine, head of retail at ING Philippines, details four very thoughtful features, all of which speaks to how the institution pays attention to how you really use a bank account. 

Maybe you require proof of funds? You can generate a bank statement via the app. And maybe you want to add another layer of protection? You can adjust your daily transfer limit on the app, too. 

And maybe you require a physical version of ING Pay’s virtual Visa debit card? “With one click you can request for the debit card,” says Keraine, who adds that the roll-out of the card is still in the works but it should be announced soon on its social media accounts. 

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And maybe you somehow lost that card? You can freeze the card with one tap on the app. And then maybe you found it again... underneath the bed (it happens)? You can also unfreeze the card. This may be the most novel feature of ING Pay as it relieves the stress of managing a lost bank card through several frantic phone calls.

What makes it really special?

The short answer: You get your money back. Keraine, who describes the bank account as frictionless, really cashless, and most secure, highlights one more important feature of the new bank account: ING Pay cards, whether virtual or physical, earn a five-percent cashback on all purchases until the end of the year.

No minimum spend is required per transaction, but the maximum spend is capped at P1 million, with a total cashback reward of P50,000. That’s a lot of change, which is promptly credited back within 24 hours.


When Pay is coupled with Save, Sicat describes it as a “double whammy” with cashback on one end and a high-interest rate on the other. 

But more than that amazing cashback or supreme flexibility, the new ING bank account really shines when it offers you that one thing money can’t buy: time. By giving you a tool that manages money more easily, you can spend less time banking and more of the day doing the things you like. This can be a newly discovered passion like your pandemic bar cart or even something mundane such as just staying still and chilling at home.

Adds Sicat: “We hope it leaves you more time to do what you want to be doing and, if it gives you more time, then we have succeeded.”

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