These International Brands Are Looking for Franchise Partners in the Philippines

International franchisors are hungry for franchise expansion into Southeast Asia’s largest franchise market: the Philippines.

The Philippines currently has over 2,000 franchise systems and over 200,000 franchise locations today. While the pandemic has had an impact on some businesses, some of which are franchised businesses, the economic recovery in the Philippines and across Asia is starting to take hold and the future is brighter than it has been in the past 18 months. 

With one of Asia’s youngest populations, the Philippines also arguably hosts the most developed franchise industry in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Studies show that Filipinos are very entrepreneurial and that franchises remain one of the most sought-after business models by SMEs, entrepreneurs, and conglomerates alike.

According to the website Macrotrends, the Philippines population has grown about 1.3 to 1.5 percent annually for the last decade and now stands approximately at a whopping 111 million. Another report in 2019 by US News ranked the Philippines as the best country for investment destination based on a survey of over 6,000 business decision makers in Asia.

While every sector of the franchise industry is represented in the Philippines, there continues to be high interest in food and beverage (F&B), retail, education, and services franchises that come from the West as well as from within Asia.

The international representatives of international franchise brands will hold their annual International Franchise Business Matching event on October 13 and 14, 2021. The event is co-hosted by U-Franchise and VF Franchise Consulting, longtime trusted partners who have helped many international franchise brands enter the Philippines successfully over the years.

Catch these nine top global franchises from the food, fitness, education and co-working space industry in the upcoming virtual event:


1| Little Caesars

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

Little Caesars is the third largest pizza chain overall and largest carry out pizza chain from the USA with stores in all 50 U.S. states and 27 countries and territories. Known for its Hot-N-Ready pizza and famed Crazy Bread, it’s also been named “Best Value in America” for the past 14 years (based on a nationwide survey by Sandelman & Associates conducted from 2007 to 2020). There has never been a better time for a great-tasting, value pizza brand that specializes in take-away and delivery.

2| Wayne's

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.
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Wayne's Coffee stores serve organic coffee, lovingly prepared food, and freshly baked treats. It can be found in more than 10 countries and are managed by people with a passion to improve the famed Swedish “fika” experience. This is no Starbucks copycat and their consumers and franchisees have loved them because of that.

3| Coca

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

As Thailand’s most innovative and long-established culinary brand for over 60 years, this sukiyaki hotpot chain offers an impressive variety of high quality, nutritional, popular Thai and Chinese a-la-carte and seafood dishes, as well and its signature hotpot. Coca restaurants can already be found in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. 

4| Yolé: No Sugar Added

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

Serving delicious and healthy ice cream and yogurt franchise from Spain, Yolé: No Sugar Added offers flexible business models, various retail formats and sizes, fast ROI, and great tasting products that are available for retail and distribution. The brand has already made its mark in nearly 10 countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Portugal, the U.K., Spain, and more.

5| Yenly Yours

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

Thailand’s number one Thai mango café with over 15 outlets in Bangkok, Yenly Yours now also has stores in Singapore and Cambodia. The brand is part of the Coca Group, which has had over 60 years of success in over 75 locations in 12 countries. 

6| International Workplace Group

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

The demand for co-working spaces is higher than ever as employees are increasingly working from mobile and flexible office locations that are closer to their homes or fit their busy travel schedules. Regus is the flagship brand of IWG and is expanding its presence in the Philippines further through single and multi-unit franchisees and investors. IWG is present in over 110 countries in 3,100 locations in over 1,000 cities.

7| Mathnasium

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

As America’s leading math tutoring franchise for over 40 years and with over 1,000 locations globally, the Mathnasium Method is providing children all over the world increased confidence, critical thinking skills, and mathematical ability to last a lifetime. Mathnasium master franchisees have the unique opportunity to seize a huge share of the multibillion-dollar tutoring industry with number one math tutoring franchise in the world.


8| Go Fit

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

Go Fit is a high-value and low-price franchise developed and owned by one of Asia’s leading health and fitness group. It offers a range of unique features based on technology platforms that increases efficiency and seamless experience for members.

9| Fire Fitness

Photo by VF Franchise Consulting.

Fire is a community that inspires you. It’s an exercise in self-love, a daily test of grit, and an armor of values that you take with you as you walk out of its stations It’s a full-on commitment that can help you light up your life. With existing clubs in Malaysia and Australia, it’s Asia’s premier boutique fitness brand. 

VF Franchise Consulting and U-Franchise are bringing the biggest franchise brands from the United States and Asia for confidential, one-on-one meetings on October 13 and 14, 2021.  For more information register here or contact Rowee Altura at +63 917 622 4745 or email [email protected] or Mandy Nguyen at [email protected]

This is a guest article under Esquire Philippines’ regular Franchise Talk columns. Sean T. Ngo is the CEO and Co-Founder of one of Asia’s leading franchise consultancy, VF Franchise Consulting. He is Asian-American and has been based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for over 16 years. You can reach him at [email protected] or [email protected]


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