Gen Zs Heavily Consider Company Values and Political Stances When Looking for Jobs

This new generation scrutinizes companies' environments now more than ever.

Gen Zs are set to make up much of the workforce, and they will certainly be heard. Employers should “adapt and be more progressive to address this cultural gap between them and these new-gen talents," according to JobStreet. This is because this generation of workers is some of the most discerning in terms of their job prospects, compared to their predecessors.

A study published by the online jobs platform, JobStreet says that Gen Zs, which comprise about 65 percent of the Filipino workforce, find things like company values and political stances in workplaces are crucial to their job search.

Its research yields that they're looking for “stability, work-life balance, competitive salary, and benefits" and that "Gen Zs are not afraid of upholding their principles as they are more empowered with access to information and sharing their minds."


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Among other trends observed with Gen Zers is the fact that a majority of them are looking for a permanent flexible work setup. Most of them who are already working are also taking on extra part-time or full-time paying jobs. A recent study by Deloitte, for instance, says that about 65 percent of them do so.

Meanwhile, JobStreet’s Global Talent Survey concludes that most Gen Zs are looking at accounting and government positions. Male Gen Zs hope to get into work in computer, engineering, and IT consulting while female Genz are likely going to focus on travel and tourism, healthcare, and accounting.


“The desires of Gen Z talents might seem like high-maintenance demands, but they are absolutely valid. Employers really need to ensure that they are implementing practices that are healthy for their workers to continue attracting and retaining talents,” JobStreet Philippines managing director Dannah Majarocon said in a statement.

JobStreet encourages employers to explore advocacies that focus on politics, environment, and equality within their work setting. Of course, a competitive salary is also a careful part of their criteria because of the rising costs.

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