These Are the Most In-Demand Professional Skills in the Philippines Right Now

How’s your skill level in these areas?

LinkedIn has revealed the most in-demand skills companies are looking for in the Philippines for 2023. According to the professional social media platform, customer service, management and communications are the top three skills employers most value. 

LinkedIn data, which is based on paid job postings as well as standout skills of professionals who received a recruiter’s InMail or were hired in the past six months, said companies in the Philippines are looking for people who have a customer service orientation the most. 

“Hard skills such as research and marketing round up the list of skills that can help professionals stand out and for businesses to navigate and thrive in this environment,” a news release from LinkedIn said.

Other skills in the top 10 are: sales, analytical skills, project management, leadership, English, research, and marketing. 


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Most In-Demand Skills in the Philippines According to LinkedIn

1| Customer Service

2| Management

3| Communications

4| Sales

5| Analytical Skills

6| Project Management

7| Leadership

8| English

9| Research

10| Marketing 

According to LinkedIn, skills-building is essential “to create a culture of talent development and internal mobility to boost employee retention.” About 82 percent of those surveyed for the study agree that it is less expensive to reskill a current employee than to hire a new one.

“Companies also recognize that skill-building has a positive impact on employee retention,” LinkedIn said. “An overwhelming majority, or about 94 percent of organizations in SEA are concerned about employee retention, and six in 10 are providing learning opportunities to improve employee retention.


“Skills that help a business not only run efficiently but also reach and retain customers are the ones companies need most right now,” the platform added. “Learning and demonstrating the most up-to-date skills in customer service, sales, project management, research, or marketing can help you stand out as in demand talent and grow your career and help businesses thrive no matter the macro-environment.”

The list for the Philippines is not that much different from the most in-demand skills globally list:

1| Management

2| Communication

3| Customer Service

4| Leadership

5| Sales

6| Project Management

7| Research

8| Analytical skills

9| Marketing

10| Teamwork

Meanwhile, LinkedIn also came up with a separate list for most in-demand hard or targeted skills: 

1| Software development

2| SQL

3| Finance

4| Python (programming language)

5| Java

6| Data analysis

7| JavaScript

8| Cloud computing

9| Operations

10| Customer Relations Management (CRM)

LinkedIn also provided learning courses for people who would like to improve their skills:

Most In-Demand Skills in the Philippines

Learning Courses

Customer Service

Customer Service Foundations


Be The Manager People Won't Leave


Communication Foundations


Sales Foundations

Analytical Skills

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Project Management

Project Management Foundations


Leading and Motivating People with Different Personalities


Public Speaking for Non-Native English Speakers


Market Research Foundations


Digital Marketing Foundations


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