This Is The Median Age Startup Founders Launched Their Billion-Dollar Businesses

No, it's not in their 20s.
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When people think of startup founders, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is one of the first to come to mind. With the college-era beginnings of Facebook (inaccurately) immortalized in the Oscar-winning film The Social Network, everyone seems to think that to make it big, you have to start early and found a billion-dollar startup by the time you're 22.

That couldn't be farther from the truth.

In the book Super Founders: What Data Reveals About Billion-Dollar Startups, author Ali Tamaseb discovered the median age at which American founders started their mega-successful businesses. And it's nowhere in their 20s.

It's actually 34.

It took the author four years to comb through data points of every unicorn launched between 2005 and 2018, ranging from startups in tech, biotech, energy, and everywhere else, according to CNBC.

”Across billion-dollar companies, the age range is quite substantial. Some founders were as young as 18, others as old as 68 when they started their companies,” he wrote in his book.

“The median age of a billion-dollar startup’s founder was 34 years old—meaning half the founders of billion-dollar startups were that age or older when they got started.”

What does this mean exactly? It means age doesn't matter when it comes to entrepreneurship. It also means that no great startup happened overnight. Tamaseb's research found that 66 percent of unicorn founders had started another company before their big startup break. This is not uncommon in the startup scene, as many crash and burn before even getting off the ground.

It's a testament to the challenges of setting up a successful business. You need years of experience to get your business to work, so if you're way past your 20s and still eager for your big break, don't fret. Age, experience, failures, and successes—these will all play to your startup's advantage.


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